Victorian Prison in Lincoln Castle

Originally a Georgian Prison, which was demolished for the Victorian Prison.

Several of the inmates were sentenced to hang.

Prior to the building of the Georgian Prison, inmates were held in the dungeons in Lincoln Castle.

Men, women and children as young as eight were held here from 1848 to 1878 for crimes ranging from stealing a waistcoat and Bible, to highway robbery and murder. During this time seven murderers were hanged at the castle and their bodies buried in Lucy Tower where their graves can still be seen today.

Videos are playing in a few of the cells showing the lives of individual prisoners.

Very grim tales. A boy of nine, had set fire to hay. A girl, pregnant, had poisoned her child.

Offences could be a serving girl getting pregnant.

Prisoners were held one to a cell to isolate them, though later, when overcrowded, three to a cell.

The Prison Chapel had ‘pews’, if you could call them pews, where the prisoners filed in, held in an individual ‘cells’, where could see the preacher but not each other.

Withing the grounds of the Lucy Tower can be found the graves of executed prisoners, who were hanged within the Castle grounds.

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