Afternoon in Lincoln

A wander around Lincoln Cathedral. A quick peek inside via the tea room.

Long chat with a Chinese lady and her two children. I explained the Lincoln Knights, the secret code on each, gave them my leaflet. Showed them a few Knights, escorted around Lincoln Cathedral, to Bailgate and Newport Arch where they had a car parked.

At the weekend, grudgingly spent over a tenner to gain access to Lincoln Castle, as otherwise had to walk around. Fortunate in a way, as met Gary Nicholls and picked up a copy of his steampunk limited edition The Imaginarium.

The reason had to pay to gain access, steampunk weekend, with stalls.

Not so bad when told ticket valid six months, though access is as a general rule free, apart from certain areas.

A few days ago, not able to access paid areas, as too late. I tried again today, to be told ticket has to be stamped, as gaining re-admission. Er no, I have yet to access any of these areas, I paid to access the Castle grounds, something that is usually free.

Cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café. I again chose their Guatemalan blend. It was far superior to the undrinkable cappuccino from their house blend served at Stokes on High Bridge yesterday.

I was pleased they have followed my suggestion, now a menu with some information on the coffees they serve, but what they need is a lot more information on each coffee.

I learnt they have a small theatre, the Blue Room, which is being used for external events.

More Knights found. One in the car park of The Lawn, a strange place to be, the other outside Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

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