Asylum Steampunk Festival

Welcome to The Asylum.

Day 4 of Lincoln steam punk festival.

Up The Strait, Steep Hill, to Castle Square.

Pizza washed down with a Asylum Ale. Neither great. Followed by a cappuccino from Gourmet Coffee. The coffee scalding hot, chocolate dumped on top.

What was bad, with the noticeable exception of the veggie stall, the use of polystyrene boxes and plates. The steampunk organisers must tighten up, no stall granted a concession unless everything can be recycled or composted.

Later I walked to Stokes Lawn Cafe to get a decent cappuccino.

I missed what was happening in the Castle Grounds, catching the tail end of steam punks describing how they made their back packs.

A long chat with with Gary Nicholls, author of The Imaginarium, who had a stall within the Castle Grounds. He told me a little about himself and the project.

A few of the prints are in the style of Caravaggio.

I had looked the day before, looked again before popping to Stokes Lawn Cafe for a decent coffee, then on my way back, a long chat, as by now there were few people around.

The Imaginarium is fine art prints on meatl, it is a book, eventually a trilogy.

Both prints and book, are limited editions, the book bound in leather, individually numbered and signed. Expensive.

I bought a copy of the book.

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