Saturday afternoon in Lincoln


A hot sunny afternoon in Lincoln.

Lincoln Steam Punk Festival, around Lincoln Cathedral, Castle Hill, Bailgate, packed with people, also looking down Steep Hill, packed with people.

Market stalls within Minster Yard and Castle Hill.

Why were the market stalls so tightly packed together? Had they been spread out more, it would have been easier to move around and to gain access to the stalls.

Bailgate and Minster Yard should be pedestrianised, with local access only.

Why were these roads open to traffic when impossible to move for people and market stalls, why were they not closed for the day, better still closed for the Bank Holiday Weekend?

It was sheer madness allowing motorised traffic through, especially as they had nowhere to go.

Castle Hill resembled a Medieval market.

Walked through Newport Arch to Coffee by the Arch.

Pleasant from the outside, but inside not great. Service appalling. If serve tea pigs, shows know nothing about tea. I did not try the coffee. The coffee is sourced from Limini, which from their website appears to be a catering supply operation. Having had a long wait just to ask where they sourced their coffee, I had no wish to wait any longer. A Greek girl also waiting said the coffee was good.

On the way looked in Arches tea rooms. Surprisingly large on the inside.

A stall in Bailgate, Yellow Belly Sausage Co, selling under-cooked sausages. When asked to cook a little longer, stallholder refused. No, these were not Lincolnshire sausages, not a patch on the quality Lincolnshire sausages from the butcher in Heighington.

A beer in Duke Wellington. Pleasant interior destroyed by moronic music blasting out. Could not get out quick enough.

A church or church hall in Bailgate near Newport Arch had Steam Punks workshops, but not possible to gain access without having paid for yellow wristband.

Very annoying not possible to walk through Lincoln Castle, not that is without paying in excess of a tenner to gain access.

Serious rethink needs to be given to this, as it is denying access to The Lawn and pubs outside West Gate, not unless prepared to walk around.

A cappuccino from Stokes Lawn Cafe. Friday I had tried their house blend. It was undrinkable. Why, I do not knowm as not like this at Stokes on High Bridge. Today cappuccino their Guatamala single origin. Far better.

It was then try V60 Martin Hudak Signature Geisha from Panama that I had brought along as a guest coffee. Excellent.

Being denied access through Lincoln Castle, did at least force me to walk all the way around, and as a result, discovered more Lincoln Knights and that the Steampunks had set up a street food market in the grounds of a school.

– PHOTOS Saturday afternoon in Lincoln {to be added}

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