Asylum Steampunk Festival

Welcome to The Asylum. 

Steampunks Festival in Lincoln. Claimed to be the largest and longest running steampunk festival in the world.

Saturday was my second day.

Could not move around Lincoln Cathedral, Castle Hill, Bailgate, for stalls and tens ot thousand of Steampunks.

It was insanity traffic was allowed through Minster Yard and Bailgate. Even worse buses. Area thronged with steampunks, market stalls, and yet motorised traffic allowed through.

These areas should be pedestrianised, local access and emergency vehicles only, and should have been closed to traffic for the Bank Holiday Weekend when it was known there was going to not only be large numbers of people but also market stalls in the street.

Lincolnite said 100,000 steampunks. Somewhat exaggerated, but there was tens of thousands of people.

Castle Hill was akin to a medieval market.

A church or church hall in Bailgate had Steam Punks workshops, but not possoble to gain access without having paid for yellow wristband.

It was annoying could not walk through Lincoln Castle, as this was possible on Friday. At least not without paying in excess of a tenner to gain access.

Public money paid for the massive rennovation, and public should be allowed access, especially as is the norm during the week. There is though a charge for the walls and a few other areas.

Denial of access affected businesses the other side of Lincoln Castle.

Being denied access, did at least force me to walk all the way around the outside. By doing so, I discovered more Lincoln Knights, and that the Steampunks had established a street food market in the grounds of a school.

– PHOTOS Asylum Steampunk Festival {to be added}

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