Cappuccino at Stokes Lawn Café

Having wandered around Lincoln Cathedral and through Lincoln Castle, I was looking for The Lawn.

Well actually I was not looking for The Lawn, I knew where The Lawn was, I was looking for a coffee shop which I had heard Stokes had recently opened.

I found it, Stokes Lawn Café.

I think they could have been a little more imaginative with the name, for example, Stokes at The lawn.

From the outside, very nondescript, not tempting to enter.

But be tempted, as the interior is impressive.

It is like Stokes at The Collection, only more so.

What was not good was the loud moronic music which gave  a headache and made wish to o leave. They need to change this music for something more in keeping with the surroundings and play at much lower level.

Coffee shops are somewhere to relax, have a chat with friends.

Mouth-watering cakes, most of which they make in-house.

A very impressive top of the range Sanremo espresso machine.

Following a chat with the barista and a roaster, both of who were knowledgeable, I ordered a cappuccino, in fact the cappuccino came whilst we were talking.

It was a disappointment. More than a disappointment it was undrinkable. Very unpleasant and bitter.

At a guess, overroasted beans.

What I would expect in chains, not in quality coffee shop.

The world has moved on from unpleasant retro undrinkable Italian coffee.

Even Italians are now recognising the world has moved on, and they need to improve.

Something I noticed which I had never seen before, a hollowed out block of wood with a  conical filter in the centre.

Something to try in the future.

We then using V60 tried the Finca Iammaculada Laurina de Colombia for them to try as a guest coffee.

It was excellent

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