Italians do it better?


Italy is famous for quality coffee.

Italy is infamous for its disgusting undrinakable coffee.

Which statement is true?

Sadly the latter.

It was with trepidation I visited Bar Italia in Soho. I was expecting undrinkable coffee. To my pleasant surprise, one of the best coffees in London, but this was the exception not the norm.

The reason Italians have this misplaced reputation for coffee is that they invented the espresso machine (though the French may beg to differ), but not a clue how to use.

It says all there is to be said when the average Italian barista is worse that that employed by tax-dodging Starbucks.

Coffee is not to be downed in one gulp then on ones way. It is a drink to be savoured.

At one euro a cup, cannot expect quality coffee.


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