Day in Brighton

All day, clear blue sky.

Thameslink train from Gatwick to Brighton running ten minutes late, lucky for me as I was able to catch.

It was packed, it was like Tube during rush hour.

New trains no wifi, display on train said out of service.

A chat with the girl running FCB at The Waiting Room.  I mentioned Standart, suggested they ordered and stocked. She has not heard of Standart. Said they would look into it.

A cappuccino off the Small Batch kiosk in the station forecourt. I though it was smaller. It was. I wondered how they towed it a way. Then I saw in three sections, arranged to give a larger space.

The cappuccino was  excellent. Best of the day.

I asked of Standart. Guys running the stall had never heard of Standart, even though Small Batch listed as distributors.  They suggested I try Small Batch in North Laine.

I looked in Grocer and Grain. Sadly the owner not there, expected later.

Excellent selection of coffee, Grumpy Mule and UnionUnion. Plus excellent selection of cakes. They also serve coffee.

Why buy coffee from a supermaket, when can buy from coffee shops or shops like Infinity Foods or Grocer and Grain?

I headed to the sea front.

Shocked by the number of homeless and beggars in the street as I walk down to the seafront.  A sharp increase to autumn of last year, the last time I was in Brighton. This was of the level I am used to seeing in Athens. It was as though I was in Calcutta.

Along the seafront, almost to Brighton Pier, then across to Brighton Pavilion.

I then waste nearly an hour looking for a coffee shop. Had I known where it was, I would have headed straight there.

An entirety wasted journey, The Plant Room has closed down. Google Maps was correct, it was shown as closed.

Walking through North Laine saddened to find the remainder bookshop near Resident had closed. It always had good books.

I learnt later, as too many good businesses, driven out of businesses by rent hikes.

I look in Resident. Nothing of interest.

Seats outside Iydea occupied, then a couple vacate. Excellent timing.

Lunch at Iydea excellent. Always consistently good, but today they surpass themselves. Mushroom stroganoff, served with rice, roast potatoes, mangetout  peas and seeds and tzatziki. Generous portion size and quite filling.

Followed by fresh fruit juice, carrot, apple, ginger and lemon.

I head to Magazine Brighton, pick up copies of Viva Lewes and Viva Brighton. I ask for a bag, and offer to pay, but owner says no, he knows me.

I suggest, he stocks Standart. To my surprise he says he does and a new issue is overdue, and I have reminded him to chase it up.

He also tells me Standart did a feature on Magazine Brighton, but it was never published. I try to think what angle. I tell him I will think about it, and do it.  He used to stock coffee from Coffee at 33, and that is how I first learnt of this coffee shop, a few doors further up the street.

Just in time for a coffee in Coffee at 33. Guy was grumpy. He was grumpy the last time. The first time I visited, excellent service, and interesting conservation about coffee.

On my way there, I look in Pelicano, but do not stop.

I notice Bond Street, have coffee from Los Nogales Project.

I enquire in Small Batch of Standart. No, they have never heard of it. And I must admit, I have never seen it on sale. They tell me unlikely to be on sale.

All very strange, as Small Batch listed as  a distributor, whereas Magazine Brighton not.

Black Mocha, which I had passed earlier, I try a cappuccino. Not very good, not helped by chocolate dumped on top.

Staff very pleasant.

I am not to sure of the ad hoc tampering of their espresso machine. The metal panels removed, replaced by glass, glass I am assured that  is shatter proof. Espresso machines have inside high pressure boilers.

Usually my phone, Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 lasts all day, but not today. Usually by the end of the day, maybe down to 50%, sometimes down as low 20%.  Not today.

Sat outside Black Mocha, warning below 14%. When I leave 3%

Down the the seafront. Cockles off the stall.

A walk along Brighton Pier, but not  to the end.

I could have stayed to watch the sun set, but would have meant catching a train an hour later.

There are two places to see the sun set. End of Brighton Pier and on the sea wall at Puerto de la Crus.

I am surprised having been warned phone down to 3% still able to take photos.

I arrive at Brighton Station early as I did not know if my train for Gatwick was 2025 or 2035, to find no train, running 15 minutes late, which means I miss the train at Gatwick an hour wait for the next train. I may as well have stayed on the pier.  Next time I look, train on time.

Front coaches of the train, no working toilets.

At last, Southern have wifi on their trains, but it is not acceptable to use ‘free’ wifi as an opportunity to trawl for personal data on passengers, wanting name, e-mail address mobile number.

Phone has switched off. I connect power bank. I only reach 6%, before power bank fails.

Power bank 2200 mAh. It should have lasted longer. Either not charged or faulty.

Train from Gatwick, no functioning toilets, one out of action, the other no water. No water, disease spread through the train if passengers cannot wash their hands after using the toilet.

Broken windows on the train, cold air chilling the passengers.

No sign of the guard.

Second power bank reaches 20% before it fails.  Capacity 1200 mAh.

Phone Samsung Galaxy A3 2016, battery 2300 mAh.

When I alight from the train sometime after 2200, it has turned cold. I am glad of the warm jacket I have been carting around all day.

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