Afternoon in Farnham

A pleasant sunny afternoon.

First time in weeks it has been possible to alight from the bus and walk along the riverside walk, through Gostrey Meadow and up through Downing Street. Last two visits it has been teeming down with rain.

Today they actually had soup at Gail’s, tomato, red pepper and tarragon. It is rare to see the same staff twice. Those who are there, generally helpful and pleasant.

Pleasant day, sat outside.

Castle Street is a pleasant broad street, but ruined by traffic.

Everyone knows the centre of Farnham needs to be pedestrianised, made traffic free, but never any action.

An idiot parks outside Gail’s in disabled parking bay.  Female gets out, does her shopping in Gail’s.

Farnham seem to be full of jerks who think they can park anywhere, usually on double yellow lines, on the narrow pavements. It is nearly always jerks with massive 4x4s.

Tables next to me, left dirty, no one bothers to clean. Not a good impression for anyone walking by.

Visitors to Farnham sat outside and were not impressed by the dirty tables.

Last couple of visits to Farnham the Parish Church has not been open. Pleased therefore to find today open.

A strange exhibition, Prayer Stations. Different sets of objects, one of which was shoes scattered on the floor. Somewhat dumb, as coming in from bright sunlight into a gloomy church, the shoes  are not seen, an ideal trip hazard. someone is going to have a nasty fall.  Even worse if then crack head open on the side of a pew or the stone-flagged floor.

As a pleasant afternoon, a walk around 23 acre Bishop’s meadow,  then through into the field with the horses.

I am never sure whether these horses are friendly or trying to push me out of their field.

I had intended to take a coffee sat outside Lion and Lamb Cafe and  Restaurant sat in the sun. My long walk, meant the sun had gone.

I had checked their website, it said artisan coffee, but did not say what. A couple of weeks ago, I enquired, to learn Union. I decided to try, with no great expectations, as the food is not great, which possibly explains why  whenever I pass by, always empty. As it was this evening.

Cappuccino was served scalding hot. A classic mistake. But it was better than what is served at Gail’s, and had the potential to be a good cup of coffee, if served not so hot.

A very quick shop in Waitrose and just managed to catch the last bus.

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