Afternoon in Guildford

Another of those days when the weather does not seem able to make up its mind between cool and warm.

The Village again not busy, busy would be an exaggeration, but more people as school holidays. Though once the beach or whatever it is called opens next to the Electric Theatre, they will probably vanish.

On my way to Bamboo Shoots, shop at fruit and vegetable stall. The coffee stall as I pass by, no one. I have yet to ever see a customer. The cheese stall is more or less the same since an excellent cheese shop opened on Guildford in Chapel Street.

It is easy to see why I never see anyone at the coffee stall. No roast date, if ask questions, reluctance to answer. No roast date indicates only one thing, old beans, and with a wide variety of beans and low turnover, another indication of old beans.

If you want quality coffee, go to a speciality coffee shop that has fresh coffee, knows about the coffee, and can and is willing to answer questions.

The coffee stall also has tea. For tea, visit Bamboo Shoots, a wide variety of tea imported from India and China with a very knowledgeable proprietor.

Excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots. Steamed bun, steamed dough stuffed with Chinese roast pork char siu, followed by crunchy honey chicken served with rice and stir fried vegetables, everything freshly prepared.

Looked in on Ben’s Records. Shocked by the state of Tunsgate. Work started then halted when it was discovered gas and water pipes too close to the surface. In the meantime small businesses in Tunsgate see a loss of trade. And did the street require work, er no.

Like all local councils, Guildford likes to indulge in vanity projects, whilst at the same time denying vital services money.

Resurfacing the High Street last year cost £1 million. Yes, the work was necessary, and the contractors carried out an excellent job, but why then allow traffic through after four o’clock, in what is a pedestrianised street?

The Village, at £1 million, plus a further £90,000 for summer relaunch, is an appalling waste of public money, badly managed, and that is only the costs we know about. The concept good, but ill-thought through, badly managed and the wrong location. It was known the location was wrong, as the farmers market collapsed when it was moved to this location last year when the High Street was dug up.

Dumping sand outside the Electric Theatre is another example of waste of money.

Too many local councils have no idea of what constitutes good town centre planning or how local economies function. It was on that basis that In Business last night was a breath of fresh air, local communities rebuilding their local economies. Bottom up works, top down does not, and yet local councils are still in bed with big business and greedy developers who are destroying our town centres. One only has to look at Aldershot or Lincoln to see how bad town planning and greed is destroying once viable town centres.

Cappuccino at Canopy Coffee. Was able to try their latest guest coffee, Rwanda from North Star Coffee Roasters.

Walked through The Village, late afternoon and deserted. The businesses are closing earlier and earlier, and who can blame them.

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