Guildford farmers market

First Tuesday of the month, Guildford farmers market in the High Street.

A pleasant warm and sunny afternoon.

Walking up and down the market, I notice the absent of regulars, who have been absent since the debacle last year when the farmers market was relocated to a  car park. The same location where The Village is an unmitigated diesaster indicating no lessons have been learnt.

Bread and a couple of sweet ad savoury pastries of Celtic Bakers.

The apple stall, new season Discovery.

I had a chat about coffee cupping at Taylor St Roasted, the different varieties from the same estate.  The man was able to point to the apples and tell me which trees they came from, differences most people would not even notice.

No dosa. Queues when I passed by earlier, when I returned later nothing left.

By now very hungry.

I set off for Canopy Coffee, but coffee shops are never good places to eat, or rarely so.

I passed by Bamboo Shoots in Jeffries Passage, a Singapore noodle joint. I decided to have honey coated crunchy chicken.

The man asked if I remembered the Chinese girl. Yes, I was about to ask about her. She had graduated and left the country.

When we met, she shared her tea with me. I in return took her for a coffee.

We had a brief conversation about tea. He imports tea from China and India, maybe around 50 different loose leaf teas.

He knew of Imperial Teas, halfway up Steep Hill in Lincoln.

He kindly gave me a small sample of Dragon Well, a Chinese tea, explained how to brew.

I say kindly gave, £20 per 50 grams, very expensive tea.

What I had was quite spicy, I needed to remove the taste as was going to try high quality coffee at Canopy.

I tried Purbeck stem ginger ice cream. Very poor quality ice cream. if not for the ginger, it would have been even worse. I suggested he try Dylan’s ice cream. Either from the van on the farmers market or from The Village.

And on to Canopy Coffee, a quick look in Food for Thought. A young guy working there who I had talked about coffee a few weeks ago thanked me for recommending to him Union coffee.

Cappuccino in Canopy, then try Geisha, brewed with a Kalita Wave, which I took along for them to try. It was excellent.

Canopy Coffee is a connoisseurs coffee shop, ever changing coffee to try.

Today North Star but will not be available until the weekend.

Sue who organises the farmers market, it was her last day, she retires. I would have said goodbye and wished her well, but she was too busy chatting with her cronies.

Anyway, all the best Sue.

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