Afternoon in Farncombe and Godalming

A pleasant hot sunny day, welcome after the last three cold, wet days.

Afternoon zig-zagging back and forth between Farncombe and Godalming.

The idea had been, set off an hour and a half early, coffee at a coffee shop in Farncombe, Natter Cafe, then on to Godalming for lunch at Cafe Mila. Only it did not quite work out that way.

No train for Farncombe, it had been cancelled. Half an hour wait for the next train.

I had intended, cappuccino at Natter Cafe, then on to Godalming for lunch.

Instead, a filter coffee with a V60, watercress soup, then fish cakes with salad, then a cappuccino and a cake.

The filter I found to be too strong. Many reasons, too much coffee, poor quality coffee, roasted to dark, grind too fine.

I asked for a glass of water. I used the glass for the coffee.

The soup, watercress soup, was excellent. As was the fish cakes and salad.

Surprisingly busy for lunch, I say surprising as nothing in Farncombe. Though it did then die down.  To then pick up again mid-afternoon.

Cappuccino was not very good, though chocolate dipped flapjack excellent.

Irony, I was there for the coffee, but found the food to be far better than the coffee.

I then found I had no money.

They trusted me to leave, go to Godalming, return, then pay, which I did.

I looked in Cafe Mila before my return.

On my way to the station I realised, no phone, I had left in Cafe Mila.

I could see it was one of those days.

Luckily, cafe Mila had my phone when I returned.

In Cafe Mila, an art exhibition, Love and Light.

A wander through Godalming, saw a bus at 1828, went for a walk by the River Wey.

Rather than walk back, I kept on along the river to catch the bus at the other end of Godalming.

I then found I had somehow misread the timetable, there was no bus.

I could have walked back though Godalming caught a bus to Guildford, but decided instead, catch a  train.

I did not know how long I would have to wait. Luckily only a  little over five minutes, again for a train from Guildford.

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