Cappuccino and granola bar in Gail’s

Not long after Gail’s opened last year, I had a cappuccino. It was not good.

I have been tempted to try again, to see if improved, on the other hand I hate throwing good money after bad.

Today, was one of those days.

Cappuccuno and  a granola bar.  Neither were good.

The granola bar was hard and dried up. Either made that way, or left out all day and had dried up. Not good for what claims to be an artisan bakery.

I think that claim is to try and justify the extortionate prices, rather than a measure of quality. £2-95 for a small wholemeal loaf.

The cappuccino did not look great, the taste was equally unappetising. It was bitter, far too hot.

There is no excuse, they have Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, an expensive La Marzocco espresso machine. The problem lies with the staff making the coffee, who are completely clueless on coffee.  I would hate to call them ‘baristas’ as it would be to insult baristas.  It is rare to ever see the same staff twice.

Bags of Union coffee are prominently displayed. It is not giving Union a good name.

I then visited Krema, the only coffee shop in Farnham capable of making coffee where at least I knew I would find a half-decent cappuccino.

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