Anspach & Hobday bottled craft beer

I had never heard of Anspach & Hobday bottled craft beer until Paul Anspach and Jack Hobday introduced four bottles at a cupping session at Taylor St Roasted.

Four bottles of craft beer, with an explanation on each: The IPA, The Pale Ale, The Smoked Brown and The Sour Dry Hop.

The IPA and The Pale Ale hoppy and bitter, The Smoked Brown hints of smoked bacon,  I decided to give a miss.  The Sour Dry Hop I tried. Very unusual, hints of elder flower.

I suggested, as we had had coffee cupping, now time for beer cupping.

I was invited to pay their brewery in Bermondsey a visit.

It is always a good sign to see small indie businesses, promoting quality and innovation, supporting each other.


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