Afternoon in Guildford

Coolish start then turned very warm.

Jazz musicians in the High Street giving it all they had. Very good. Never seen before. No idea who they were.

It has now been several weeks since The Village opened, still a disaster, still devoid of visitors.

This afternoon a play. What I glimpsed, looked interesting.  Depressing an audience of only three, and one of them appeared to be a performer.

I have visited every week, had no idea this performance was on. And even whilst performing nothing to say who they were or what was the performance, so short of interrupting the performance, no idea. Nor was there anything on the facebook page for The Village, which is very repetitive, but not informative.

As I had a couple of weeks ago, meatballs, rice and a salad off the Greek shop. It was good, which I cannot say of the Greek sausages.

Strictly speaking, The Village opened for Christmas, at a  cost of a million pounds expenditure by Guildford Council. It closed after only a  few weeks, a disaster. A further £90,000 spent on a  summer relaunch.  Nothing like a council when it comes to wasting public money, our money.

The concept reasonable, it is the ill thought through implementation that is the problem.

Last year, this was where the farmers market relocated to when the High Street was closed. It was an unmitigated disaster, wrong location. But is seems no lessons learned, or maybe no one in the council talks to each other.

Last week BBC spent hours filming at The Village. Their journalist claimed a success, but even with clever editing by BBC, can see as camera pans around, empty.

Unbelievable bullshit from Councillor Michael Illman, claiming a huge success, yes they could keep up the momentum when it turns cold and wet. What momentum?

A classic example of shoddy reporting by BBC.

I was there when the idiot councillor was interviewed. He had to be called, as he had not turned up at appointed time.

A new eating place in Jeffries Passage. Pick various salads to fill a bowl. Currently half price until the end of the month.  I would not pay full price.

Looked in Food for Thought.  As it was they who last week had told me of the new coffee shop 62 Haydon Place I thanked them. As they  had asked my advice on what coffee to stock, I suggested an informal arrangement whereby, they stocked the guest coffee, if people want to  taste, send to the coffee shop, and vice a versa from the coffee shop if wish to buy a bag of coffee.

They commented, that people they had sent to the coffee shop came back saying the coffee was bitter. I said maybe they had the guest coffee from Glen Lyon which was over roasted.

At 62 Haydon Place aka Canopy Coffee I suggested the same informal arrangement, they advised Food for Thought of the guest coffee.

Bearing  in mind that last week the coffee was bitter, I decided to stick with Square Mile, which I know to be excellent coffee. But no Red Brick. Again the coffee bitter.

Why I do not know. But at guess, they cannot tell it is bitter. Though why it is bitter I do not know.   A well crafted cappuccino should be smooth and creamy.

It was then return to The Village for an ice cream off Dylan’s ice cream.

Dark clouds forming.

I arrived home as the first heavy drops of rain were falling.

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