Day in London

A hot day, not even a coolish start.

As thunderstorm expected later, half an hour in the garden, long grass cut, grass seed sown.

Too hot for London, a day for sitting in the shade of a  tree in my garden.

But then, crossing Hungerford Bridge, with stunning view down river, I thought no different to being in a city in Europe, indeed surrounded by foreigners I could be in Europe.

On arrival, a detour to Love & Scandal.  A mistake, as the falafel was not good, but the fresh orange juice was excellent.

I  learnt from a helpful Australian  woman who preferred to sit in the coffee shop than her office, that there was another coffee shop, Coleman Coffee Roasters, further down Lower Marsh, roasted their own coffee, but closed at three.

I did check. And yes, closed at three. I asked why. They said they liked their afternoons.

I also learnt, street food market every day, not as I thought Thursdays and Fridays and that it too closes at three.

On my way to Love & Scandal I passed by a bookshop. The guy remembered me and said we have a coffee book in. It was outside on a table. I looked. Of no interest. A book of recipes using coffee.

In Lower Marsh an upmarket green grocer, spread over three floors.  They serve coffee, but not Grumpy Mule which was on sale. The owner said that from Coleman Coffee Roasters was better. No coffee, not sure why. On sale teapigs which is rubbish Tetley tea,

I cut through Waterloo Station. Quicker than walking around.

Free cans of Lucozade, free Clipper tea. Three cans of Lucozade, two boxes of Clipper tea.

I had intended to have a coffee off the kiosk at the foot of the steps for Hungerford Bridge but far too hot. The fresh lemonade was too tempting. It was excellent, though I wish would not fill glass with ice.

I sat and chatted with two girls from Latin America, one from Argentina, the other Venezuela. Conversation switched back and forth between English and Spanish.

Across Hungerford Bridge, through Embankment Gardens,  across The Strand, Covent Garden, then cut through China Town into Soho.

A Chinese lady invited me into her parlour for a massage. Sorry no time.

I was after Frith Street, which took me some time to find, in the end I had to ask.

What I was seeking, once Frift Street was found, was Bar Italia, claimed to be the oldest coffee shop in London.

Bar Italia, well worth the search. Excellent cappuccino. But, wonderful atmosphere ruined by widescreen TV.

Then to Coffee Island in Covent Garden.

I was after Standart issue 8. Third time lucky, they had in stock.

Not really time for a coffee, but I decided to try Japanese iced coffee using V60.

Then dash to Charing Cross Station, train to Lewisham, DLR to Depford Bridge, then find Taylor St Roasted for cupping session.

Interesting view from the train of route I usually walk. Front carriage of train from Charing Cross fairly empty. Packed when it pulled away from London Bridge. When I alighted at Lewisham, I saw the carriages behind packed in like sardines.

This was the only reason I was in London on one of the hottest days of the year, and had treked out to Depford, a cupping session at Taylor St Roasted.

Well worth the visit.

Back the same way to Waterloo East. Something to eat in Lower Marsh. Missed train.

As I was leaving Taylor St Roasted, the thunderstorm had arrived, drops of rain as I walked to Depford Bridge Station.

Leaving Waterloo Station to Lower Marsh, it had rained, now big drops of rain.

Whilst eating, it rained, luckily stopped as I left, wet streets already drying, but flashes of lightning in the sky, no thunder. .

From the train, very dark. I made the mistake of not looking out for the storm.

I tried one of the cans of Lucozade. It tasted nothing like Lucozade. Maybe it is now nothing more than an empty hollow worthless  brand. It was disgusting. Even more disgusting than San Pellegrino, which is also disgusting. How can people drink these disgusting fizzy sugary drinks, especially when can pop in somewhere like M&S or Waitrose and find small bottles of very interesting fruit juices?

Alighting from the train, it had been raining, started raining again. Luckily a bus, and when I alighted from the bus rain had stopped.

During the early hours of the morning, thunderstorm continued, lightning, very heavy rain, but no thunder.

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