Customer abused by Lidl duty manager

Fuck off and don’t come back. — duty manager Lidl Aldershot

Is this acceptable behaviour for staff in any store, verbal abuse of a customer?

But let us rewind a little.

The service in Lidl Aldershot is appalling, and it is getting worse.

It is not uncommon to find pallets and boxes in the middle of aisles, ideal trip hazards, and in the case of pallets, all too easy to catch ankle and receive a nasty cut.

When this has been draw to the attention of a member of staff, that a customer could trip and fall, the response was: they got eyes haven’t they.

Tough luck I guess if of poor sight or blind.

This evening, milk in the middle of the aisle, apart from the obstruction, it should be in a chiller cabinet.

The service at the tills is appalling. It usually takes longer at the till than it does to shop.

Now getting worse following the introduction of automated tills, tills that keep failing, no one manning any of the tills.

This evening one of those occasions, no one manning the tills, a queue forming for the self service tills, three members of staff holding a conversion whilst looking on and doing nothing. A member of staff when asked to man the tills, an abrupt no. Not the first time a refusal by staff to man the tills when requested to do so.

On leaving, duty manager obstructed a customer and shouted at the customer for having had the audacity to complain about the appalling service.

She then shouted at the customer, fuck off and don’t come back.

Asked to identify herself, she refused, other than saying she was the duty manager.

Then to compound her appalling behaviour, accompanied by a fat male colleague, followed the customer out of the store, down the street, shouting down the street at the customer.

Does Lidl consider this an appropriate way to treat its customers?

The duty manager was clearly lacking in any social skills, and raises questions how she was ever appointed as duty manger.

If there is an issue to raise with a  customer, approach the customer, introduce yourself, ask may I have a word. The customer under no obligation to agree.

We live in a world of social media. Any error, any poor service, abuse a customer, and it will be on social media and go viral.

If your appalling service is highlighted on social media, you do not improve your image by abusing a customer and telling them to fuck off, that merely highlights that  something is seriously wrong with your business. What you do is apologise, and attempt to improve your appalling service.

When a member of staff abuses a customer, you do not hesitate, you fire them on the spot.

When it is highlighted that something wrong with a  store and its appalling service, you do not enhance your reputation by verbally abusing a customer.

Lidl Farnham does not have this appalling level of service. Why is it deemed accepatable in Aldershot?

There is something seriously wrong with Lidl Aldershot. Is it not time Lidl sent in a hit team and sorted it out or do they not care?

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8 Responses to “Customer abused by Lidl duty manager”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Hi Keith

    What you have written is appalling. A copy of this blog sent to Lidl headquarters would surely have the desired effect. You have been complaining about this branch for a while so hopefully you will follow this through.

    Tony Lea

  2. keithpp Says:

    Yes, appalling, as is the abysmal service at this store, which says a lot about the failings of regional management.

    There is not this bad service in Farnham.

    Yes, it has been referred to Lidl.

    All Lidl has done is sideline to customer services, when this should be dealt with by senior management, if necessary drawn to the attention of the chief executive.

    From customer services, a response that could have been written by probably was written by a robot.

    Now third day from incident. Manner in which being dealt with, slowness, sidelined to customer services, robotic automated response from customer services, says much about Lidl.

    Contempt for customers appears to be endemic within Lidl.

    The day after the incident, I spent the day talking with major supermarkets and retailers, to see how they would respond. They were shocked and appalled, said without exception, the person would be fired on the spot. Also surprised no action to deal with a rogue store.

    I contrast with an incident a couple of years ago in 99p Stores, a manager bullying a female member of staff, to which I was a witness.

    I was contacted by co-founder of 99p Stores who told me zero tolerance of workplace bullying, the employee was no longer working for 99p Stores, he was fired the next day. I was thanked for bringing it to their attention.

  3. keithpp Says:

    One week has passed, no action, which only serves to underline the contempt Lidl has for its customers.

    Locally seen as a rogue store. That is the view of those who have had the misfortune to shop in this rogue store.

    Not a single person has a good word to say. Many have their own horror stores.

    A store best avoided.

    But it is not only those who shop in the store. Within Lidl it is seen as a rogue store.

    This then begs the question, if known something very wrong with this store, why is Lidl taking no action?

    There is a also a problem with the Nepalese security guard. He has followed people out into the street where he has no authority,and turned very aggressive.

    He has stopped people who have wandered into the store and back out, even though no grounds to stop.

    • Tony Lea Says:

      Wow I’m surprised I thought Lidl being German would be a very professionally run outfit. Thanks for the update. I’m sure this is a challenge to get an acceptable resolution that you will follow up to a reasonable conclusion.

  4. keithpp Says:

    Yes, one would think so, with German alleged efficiency, more of a myth than a reality.

    Another myth, is well paid German workers.

    A few big companies that dominate the economy, then everything sub-contracted out to a myriad of smaller companies with low pay and poor working conditions.

    The Aldershot Lidl is a rogue store, it does not only have a bad reputation locally, also within Lidl.

    The manner in which this has been handled by Lidl is appalling.

    Being fobbed off by customers services, who simply send out a letter generated by a robot, is completely unacceptable.

    I have asked that it be passed to the Lidl chief executive and that I require confirmation. The refusal to provide confirmation, can only be seen as point blank refusal to pass to chief executive.

    This morning an apology from customers services for the delay, that they are looking into it.

    Contempt for customers would appear to be endemic within Lidl.

  5. keithpp Says:

    One rogue store appears to be indicative of systemic failings within Lidl.

    That this rogue store has been allowed to fester for so long, indicates serious failings with Lidl area/regional management.

    And cannot say they do not know, as it is common knowledge within Lidl that this is a rogue store.

    Instead of as requested, send in immediately a senior management hit team, it has been sidled to customer services, whose first response was to initiate a letter that appeared to be written by a robot.

    In light of failure to pass to a senior management team. request has been made to pass to chief executive.

    This has been refused.

    A request for e-mail address of Lidl UK chief executive Christian Haertnagel has been refused.

    Does anyone know e-mails address of Lidl chief executive Christian Haertnagel? If yes, please post.

    It has now been passed to an area manager, name unknown, even though I specifically said not. as they also need to be investigated.

    Thus we now have farce of area manager investigating area manager.

    I once again contrast with 99p Stores, which I refer to above.

  6. keithpp Says:

    Ok, I will try

    I tried

    Not valid.

    I may also try a German address.

    But note all appear to have the following format

    Russell Jeffery (ext -4802,

    Data Protection queries contact Katharina Landbrecht (ext

    Legal queries contact Judith Sebald or Carmen Alfonso (ext -8890 / -8673,

    Compliance and GSCOP queries contact Sophie Wettlaufer (ext -8524,

    Just a few contacts.

    Head Office tel no: 0370 444 1234

    Feel free to make use of.

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