Afternoon in Guildford

Another very hot day.

A couple of weeks ago, FCB kiosk at Guildford Station was experimenting with cold brew coffee. They were using their FCB espresso blend. I suggested use the Kenyan coffee they have as a guest coffee from Horsham Coffee Roasters. They have heeded my suggestion.

Cold brew coffee at FCB kiosk  is now available in bottle.

Straight out of the bottle, excellent. On ice not quite so good. The ice waters it down. If to serve with ice, need to cold brew with half the water the other half is in the ice.

Begs the question why is Harris + Hoole serving rubbish nitro brew coffee out of a can when they could be serving cold brew coffee.

Whilst there, an explosion on a train. Smoke then billowing from the train.

Time stood still. No one panicked.  Police and security running to the train. People stood, with concerned expressions, not sure what to do, as they assessed the situation.  A couple of Chinese girls asked me what was going on.  All I could tell them was what I had seen.

It was then announced, technical problem with the train, clear the platform, though no request to clear the station. It was then announced no trains.

I hazarded a guess, a major power short which then would have taken out the sub-station.

As I learnt later, may guess proved to be correct. But luckily no one injured as bits of the train blasted across the line, opposite side to the platform where I was standing. I was next to the train when the explosion happened further down the train.

Quick visit to the market, then looked in Food For Thought, where often something on offer on a Friday.

Lots of fruit and vegetables, a liquidiser demo making fruit juices. Watermelon and something else I cannot recall, but also some powdery rubbish.

This is the mistake Food for Thought always make, always an excuse to peddle some additive.

I asked what it was. A fibre additive. I pointed out, fruit and vegetables have natural fibre.

Watermelon on its own makes a very insipid drink. I suggested add apple. No one was listening, more interested in slavishly following a recipe in a book that required some additive.

Then to The Village. Maybe my fourth visit and still a  disaster. This now seems to be recognised, as rents for the units have been halved.

Wimbledon on a big screen. At a  guess  less than half a dozen people sat in deckchairs watching.

Yet again, no moussaka from the Greek shop, and now have opened a second unit. Must be gluttons for punishment.

The only unit that appears to be doing any business is Dylan’s ice cream. Today free coffee.

I tried an affogatto. Ideally two shots, but would not have fitted in the tub. We tried one shot. Excellent, but a lot of coffee flavoured liquid at the end. Maybe I did not eat it soon enough.

I tried a tea. It was excellent too.

Borrowed Real Fresh Coffee.

At Guildford Station, my guess confirmed, a massive electrical short. Fortunately trains were back to normal.

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