The Deli at 80

A lovely little deli in Finsbury Park with a wonderful selection of drinks and food.

I passed by The Deli at 80 on my way back  to Finsbury Park Station, having had a not very good coffee in Boulangerie Bon Matin. On a whim I popped in. I was very much reminded of Grocer and Grain in Brighton.

I asked to look at their coffee. A blend from Caravan, roasted 20 June 2017, which the girl said had just been delivered.

Although pushed for time, I decided to try.

The cappuccino was very much better than what I had just had a wasted journey to try. Would be even better with a skilled barista. Though not an entirely wasted journey as I would not have discovered The Deli at 80.

The cakes and bread looked good, as did the cheese and peanut butter and wines. The bread delivered by bicycle.

I decided to try a floretine. Excellent.

I was somewhat perplexed by the coffee blend, as two entirely different blends under the same name.

Definitely somewhere worth frequenting and supporting if live or work

  • PHOTOS The Deli at 80

— to be continued —-

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