Naomi Klein discussing No is not enough at Royal Festival Hall

How to resist Donald Trump’s Shock Doctrine.

Shock Doctrine is used to force through unwanted policies.

Shock Doctrine was used after the 2008 banking crisis to force through austerity, slash and burn of public services, cuts to welfare programmes, library closures.

The ugly face of neo-liberalism, Donald Trump, open cast mining, Keystone XL pipeline,  Standing Rock state brutality, Grenfell Tower, a burnt out blackened hulk where tenants were incinerated alive.

The contempt of poor people by the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington, the richest borough in the country, if not richest municipality in Europe, is indicative of the contempt local councils across the country have for local communities.

To save a small amount of money they used cladding that failed fire safety tests, repeated warnings by Grenfell Tower tenants were ignored. In the aftermath, it has been volunteers who have helped the survivors, very much as we saw with Occupy Sandy.

Only last week, did the Cabinet meet for the first time, and even then they tried to bar the public attending and when the Court forced the meeting to be open, the leader of the council closed the meeting.

Haringey Council  a few days ago decided to sell off £2 billion of public assets to the private sector, including social housing,  against strong local opposition.

In London we have luxury apartments sitting empty. Bought with dirty laundered money.  A development at Battersea Power Station, luxury apartments, starting price £1.2 million.

There is no money we are told, the pay of fireman, nurses, and others within the public sector must be frozen. It is selfish to demand a pay increases says former Prime Minister David Cameron, we may need that money for the future.

What for, one may ask, a further extortion demand, another billion pounds to keep the DUP sweet and help dead woman walking Theresa May cling on to power?

Where does the money come from? Simple. Increase Corporation Tax, end subsidies to fossil fuel companies, deal with tax dodging.

UK Uncut:

The millionaire who destroyed our public services so that he could give his millionaire mates a tax cuts thinks we’re ‘selfish’ for wanting to end Austerity.

When he was PM he gave MPs a 10% pay rise, and gave his own speech writer a 24% pay rise. But he thinks asking for a 1% raise for nurses is ‘selfish’!

This guy is so out of touch. He spent £25,000 on a garden shed. That’s more than lots of nurses earn in a whole year!

The victims of Grenfell Tower fire must organise, hold open public meetings, select their own candidates to stand for local election. The same in Haringey,  the same in every local borough across the country.

Ordinary people must follow the example of Madrid, Barcelona, seize control of local Town Halls, then these citizen-controlled Town Halls must network across Europe.

Donald Trump won the election because the Democrats are rotten and corrupt to the core.

We see the same across Europe, corrupt and rotten Socialist Parties. The Labour Party is no exception.

We saw in Greece the Athens Spring, only to be crushed by the EU.

Labour Party is no different, corrupt and rotten to the core. But we see a glimmer of hope, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell offering a radical, progressive agenda, backed by Momentum and grass roots activists. The reactionaries in the party are determined to destroy this ray of hope. Members of Parliament like Tom Watson, Chuka Umunna, Peter Kyle et al must be deselected.

EU is a democracy-free zone, established as a cartel for Big Businesses. Austerity and neo-liberalism writ in stone in EU treaties. The EU must be destroyed, replaced by a network of cooperating sovereign democratic countries. Support DiEM25.

We are seeing the end of austerity, neo-liberalism, a growing mass movement calling for change.

We must all do our bit. Often it can be little things. Do not buy Fairtrade then think you have done your bit. Support your local indie coffee shop, support direct trade where coffee growers are paid a higher price for quality, where there is a direct connection between your cup of coffee and the people who grow the coffee.

Coffee is the canary in the mine on climate change. High quality Arabica coffee grows in the shade of trees at high altitude.  In Yayu Forest in Ethiopia, Kew Gardens is mapping to establish the impact of climate change and mitigation measures. Union Hand-Roasted Coffee offering farmers higher price, long-term contracts, gives the forest value and helps to safeguard the forest, an important genetic reservoir for coffee.

Help establish collaborative commons, open coops.

We do not have to buy our electricity from the Big Six, and nationalisation is not the answer. We must create local community owned and controlled power networks into which renewables feed paid a  fair price, consumers pay a fair price, any surplus generation fed to other local networks via a publicly owned National Grid, any ‘profit’ ploughed back into the local grid or used to fund local community projects.

Dealing with climate change, time is not on our side. Thee has been massive loss of coral reefs with a 1C rise in sea temperature. What we delay today, means the action needed tomorrow will be ever more drastic.

Exxon was aware of climate change in the 1960s.

There are many things we can do almost immediately. Deal with tax dodging. Raise Corporation Tax. Abolish zero hours contracts.  Regulate out of existence companies like Uber and Deliveroo and through offering open source open coop alternatives. Raise minimum wage to £10 an hour. Abolish student tuition fees. Introduce a Universal Dividend, slowly slowly, first for those unemployed, then those on welfare, then the elderly on a pension.

Donald Trump may control the White House (for the moment), he does not yet control the courts, he does not control the states, does not control the cities, does not control our minds.

It will not be easy. The State and Big Business will use the brutality of state power to fight back. We saw it at Standing Rock, we are seeing it at fracking protests in Lancashire, the crackdown on G20 protests in Germany.

Donald Trump is an oligarch in the same mould as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, al-Sisi, Vladimir Putin. Presidential office is simply a means to further his business interests. Charges of conflict of interest fail to register because all Trump sees is self-interest therefore there is no conflict.

Until Trump took office, corporations lobbied, bought politicians, now corporations have made a hostile takeover of the White House.

Trump is the Frankenstein’s monster, stitched together from corrupt politician, greedy banker,  rapacious corporation.

The fear is what will he do next. He has praised the Fascist dictator of the Philippines who has bragged going out at night and murdering political opponents.

Getting rid of Donald Trump is not enough. That is why no is not enough. He would be replaced by a clone or the corrupt Democrats or something even worse. We have to say no to everything Trump represents, the world of shallow brands. The opposition to Trump has to be channelled into creating something better, a world without hollow brands, a future not dictated by corrupt politicians, political parties, global corporations, a world where people and planet matter.

Naomi Klein usually takes five years research on a new book but not for her latest book No is not enough. Time is not on our side, we have seen what Donald Trump is capable of, we do not know what he would do if a crisis hit, therefore the resistance has to be built now, we have to be prepared for the worst.

Naomi Klein is author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, This Changes Everything.

— to be continued —-

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