Day in London

Coolish start, once sun broke through, a hot day as forecast.

I would have gone on a detour to Love & Scandal in Lower Marsh, but out of my way, no time.

Coffee off little kiosk at foot of Hungerford Bridge. As last week, excellent cappuccino.

Across Hungerford Bridge, through Embankment Gardens, up through Covent Garden,  pizza at Home Slice in Neal’s Yard.

The only time I have ever found Home Slice empty.

Looked in Monmouth Coffee. No time for a coffee.

A wasted detour to Coffee Island.

Standart issue 8 was published over a week a month ago. No explanation why they have no copies.

Piccadilly Line from Covent Garden to Finsbury Park packed in like sardines. Very unpleasant. How do people tolerate this day after day?That is why I usually walk, even though I have a ticket for Underground, Overground, trains and buses.

Look for Boulangerie Bon Matin, coffee shop cum cake shop, with a  pretentious name.

Eventually find Boulangerie Bon Matin. Nicely laid out, but poor quality coffee, poor quality chocolate brownie. The coffee, catering supply coffee from Italy.

Walking back, I come across The Deli at 80. I am reminded of Grocer and Grain in Brighton. They have coffee from a local roastery, roast date 20 June. They said they had just had a delivery. I am pushing my luck for time, but decide to have a coffee, then decide to have a florentine. Both are good. If they employed a skilled barista, the coffee would be even better.

Victoria Line, change, then Norhern Line to Embankment.

Walk back across Hungerford Bridge.

Busy during the day, but now South Bank packed.

Royal Festival Hall for talk by Naomi Klein discussing her latest book No is not enough.

I was  a little disappointed.

Now visit Love & Scandal, walk via Waterloo Road. A mistake as  a longer way around. When I get there, closed.

Thai late dinner at Marie Cafe, which was quite good.

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