Lower Marsh Street Food Party

Today saw the launch of Waterloo Food Month with a street food party this evening in Lower Marsh.

Live music, workshops, more stalls than the weekly Lower Marsh Market.

I tried the hog roast. Quite good, even though I got the scrag ends.

I was appalled at the low environmental standards, stalls using polystyrene burger boxes. I raised this with one of the volunteers running an information stall.  She agreed, and said it would be raised.

Then a look in Love & Scandal, and some of the shops that were still open.

A remainder bookshop. Did they have any books on coffee? No, but some were due in.

a little red book, Waterloo Food Month Gastro Passport is a guide to all what is happening during July.

One of the more fascinating events, every Friday join kids at the local school for school dinner

— to be continued —

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