Day in London

One of those days when varied between cool and warm.

Arrived about three hours later than I would have wished,

As was passing by, dropped in Royal Festival Hall and booked ticket for next week.

At the foot of Hungerford Bridge, a little coffee kiosk. I asked what were the beans from, he told me the country of origin. Who the suppliers, the roastery? The Roasting Party. That immediately told me, must be good coffee, as used by Coffee Lab and The Dispensary Kitchen. I was not disappointed.  Excellent cappuccino.

Across Hungerford Bridge.

I was tempted to pop in the Savoy visit the American Bar, but no time.

A pizza in Home Slice. To date, it has been the best pizza in London, but now as good as that what I had last week from … at Union Summer Carnival.

Very tempting a coffee in Monmouth Coffee, a queue to buy the coffee beans, but no, I was on my way to Coffee Island.

Coffee Island in Greece and Cyprus is synonymous with Costa, tax dodging Starbucks and Caffe Nero, a corporate entity serving disgusting coffee. I was therefore somewhat surprised for a Greek barista to suggest I try Coffee Island in Covent Garden.

I decided to try. Low expectation, you never know, I might be pleasantly surprised.

It screamed corporate. And no, the coffee was not great.

It was now half past seven coming up to to eight o’clock.

I was actually on my way to a street food party in Lower Marsh. I probably should have gone straight there after my coffee at the foot of Hungerfood Bridge, as when I left it was gone five o’clock and it started at five.

I arrived some time after eight o’clock.

Little left of a hog roast. I walked to the end, then back to the hog roast, now even less. I gave it a try, Better than expected, as now all that was left was the scrag ends.

A look in a few shops, which were open late.

Did the book shop, remainder books low price, have any coffee books? No, but expecting some in.

Then to Love & Scandal, a Turkish-Cypriot coffee shop cum bistro.

I decided not to have a coffee. Green tea.

— to be continued —

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