Cappuccino in Barista Lounge

When Barista Lounge opened last year, massive teething problems, staff not up to scratch, massive staff turnover, coffee not good.

But far from improving, it goes from bad to worse.

The food is not good, the coffee undrinkable.

Falafel has to be freshly made, not sitting in a cabinet in a dried up wrap, then if you are lucky hotted up.

Bread has to be fresh, not sitting in a cabinet, so dried up, that almost breaks your teeth biting into it.

Over a period of several weeks, the soup has bene the same soup.

Wa are they doing, hotting up each day?

No exuse for the poor quality of the food when a kitchen out the back.

Last time I passed by, a new lad, never seen before.  He was all on his own, not a clue what to do, had only started that day.

Time before, a guy who claimed he knew all about coffee. He was there again today. As glum as the staff in Costa who are only there cos it is better than McDonald’s.

No, he knows nothing about coffee, cappuccino served hot, with chocalate dumped on top. Two elementary mistakes no barista would make.

People claiming to be baristas who are not.

Poor quality coffee used, catering suppply coffee.

No excuse when there are many quality roasteries around.

Owner never seen. People keep asking for him.

From empty Barista Lounge to Krema which was full.

Easy to see why Barista Lounge always empty.

— to be continued —

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