Afternoon in Guildford

Another very warm day, though like yesterday, a cool start.

I thought last week The Village was dead. Today even worse. No one around, deserted. At least Kane FM with their moronic music blasting out has gone, but now the bar has moronic music blasting out.

Friday, The Village closes at 10pm. Come 5pm, most of the traders packing up, yet another wasted day.

Only three units worth a visit. Dylan’s ice cream, a fashion shop and a Greek shop.

I had hoped for moussaka. No moussaka. Catch 22. No customers, no moussaka. No moussaka,  no customers.

There are posters around the town, but these are on rubbish bins necessary to bend down to read what they say. maybe for the dogs to read, as at their height.

Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole. No wifi. Now forced to use _TheCloud which is a Murdoch owned company. No way.

Tax dodging Cafe Nero who now own Harris + Hoole are inflicting death by a thousand cuts. Hole in toilet ceiling been like it for weeks, if not months. One of the chiller cabinets has been put of action for weeks, and yet still being used.  Now, clients being forced to use wifi provided by Murdoch, which is not acceptable to have to provide personal data to Murdoch to access wifi.

— to be continued —


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