Trip to London

i would usually from Waterloo walk across Hungerford Bridge, up through Covent Garden.

Not today, I was on my way Docklands, to Union Summer Carnival at Union hand roasted coffee, one of the top coffee roasters in the country.

As the train pulled into Waterloo, I noticed a street market in Lower Marsh. Curious, I decided to investigate. I found a street food market, in Lower Marsh and  also happened across Love & Scandal, a speciality coffee coffee shop.

Did I want a coffee?. No, I am on my way to a coffee event, but maybe, just maybe, in the evening.

Easy enough from Waterloo, Jubilee Line to Canning Town then one stop on Docklands Light Railway to Star Lane, then a few minutes walk.

Only Jubilee Line train only went as far as Canary Wharf, get off and catch next train.

I saw DLR, why not catch here.

I could not find the station. Luckily I could not, as different part of DLR network.

Union hand roasted only a few minutes walk.

Unfortunately  I missed the cupping session ,and was part way through two fascinating talks on coffee and forests in Ethiopia.

Followed by a discussion on Generation Z, which was anything but interesting.

But as possiblly the only one there who was not a coffee insider, all very interesting.

Excellent pizza off some guys with a van in the car park.

In the evening I returned to Love & Scandal.

— to be continued —


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