Afternoon in Guildford

Hotter than Saturday.  Four days in a row,  temperature exceeds 30C.

A day for sitting in the garden under the shade of the trees, not a  day for Guildford.

But no choice, Samsung A3 2016 unlocked from iFixGadgets had locked me out. They had not carried out unlocking correctly.

Cold brew coffee off FCB coffee kiosk at Guildford Station. Far better than the nitro cold brew in a can from Harris + Hoole which was disgusting.

A method I had not yet seen. A method not mentioned in Cold Brew Coffee. Ideally stored in the fridge, served in a  frosted glass. Ideally brewed with their Kenyan guest coffee, or better still a Kenyan guest coffee from Karuna Coffee.

iFixGadget no phone number on receipt, a website that is not valid. I managed to find a phone number, email ignored, fed bullshit that must have dropped phone, put pressure on the screen.

I was fed the same bullshit on visiting the shop. Then when saw error message, it changed to must have tried to install something on phone etc etc.

No, it locked out on turning off.

It locked out because they had not carried out unlocking correctly.

After much grumbling, agreed to fix.

I wished for moussaka from the Greek unit in The Village.

I forgot, The Village closed, Monday and Tuesday. How perverse. If individual units wish to close, but not close the entire area.  Hardly surprising it is a disaster.

A disgusting feta and spinach pie off Fresco , a  Greek coffee shop. Followed by an  equally disgusting freddo cappuccino.  Never wise to post a sign Best Coffee in Town, when not, as simply makes look foolish.  The coffee sourced, over-roasted burnt rubbish from Italy, that no one who knows anything about coffee would touch with a  barge pole.

Picked up working phone from iFixgadets. Guy who fixed it extremely rude.

iFixgadets are also ripping people off. Cleaning kit from Poundland on sale for a  fiver.

In M&S, an excellent example of why not buy coffee in a supermarket. Beans with a roast date of 11 January 2017, well past their best. Which is why coffee beans in supermarkets do not usually show roast date, as old beans long past their optimum.

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