Street Food Picnic 2017

This is the  third annual Street Food Picnic in Allen House Grounds.

It is one of those events spread by word of mouth.

Last year, I saw leaflets in a Thai takeaway. This year in the Tourist Information Office.

Basketball courts had food stalls, a grassy area for people to relax.

Live music in the food area. From what I saw mid-afternoon onward, dreadful.

In the grassy area, a guy playing reggae.

A pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

A wide range of food stalls.

A burger off one stall. Yes I know, not very adventurous. But this was a quality burger, not the disusing crap served in McDonald’s.

For me at 9 oz, too big. And I had a side of potatoes.

I could have done with a beer to wash it down.

It would have been nice to have  had a decent bar.

I suggest invite The Little Beer Corporation to run a bar. They did an excellent job at Staycation Live last year in Godalming.

Need a coffee stall, a coffee stall serving decent coffee. Invite Karuna Coffee to run a coffee stall.

One stall was serving milkshakes, topped with ice cream, topped with two cakes. I did not want the cakes. The ice cream was poor quality ice cream, maybe in part because it was vegan.

I suggested they checked out the amazing milk shakes at Miyu Coffee.

I also recommended that they did not use Instagram, instead upload pictures direct to twitter and facebook.  Instagram claim rights to pictures and pictures are not visible on twitter

No milk alternatives to dairy products rarely work.

Next year invite Dylan’s Ice Cream.

Dylan’s Ice Cream can be found at The Village and during the summer on the farmers market firts Tuesday of the month.

I would also suggest invite Bedda, two Sicilian guys serving amazing pasta.

A very hot day.

I was hesitant on a street food festival in Allen House Grounds. It is away from the town centre. On the other hand it had an atmosphere it would not have had in the High Street.

In the High Street people would have had have a bite to eat and passed on. At Allen House Grounds they stayed, relaxed and enjoyed the day.

I stopped off on the way at The Village. Early afternoon and it was as dead as I saw on Friday, late afternoon and early evening. The moronic music blasting out is not helping.

Hottest day of the year, 27C in London.

Guildford farmers market first Tuesday of the month.

Farnham Carnival last weekend of June 2017

Godalming Food Festival Saturday 1 July 2017

Staycation Live first weekend of August 2017.

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