Afternoon in Guildford

The morning coolish, by afternoon hot.

I again tried guest coffee off FCB kiosk on Guildford Station. This time Kenyan from Horsham Coffee Roasters. I think the same as Krema uses for either filter coffee or cold brew, or maybe I am wrong. Excellent cappuccino.

I suggested they try guest coffee from Karuna Coffee.

When Caracoli stick a sign outside obstructing the highway claiming the best coffee in town, it simply makes them look stupid, as no, it is not the best coffee in town.

Too late to eat at Thai Restaurant in Jeffries Passage. Instead Thai green curry from their takeaway top of the High Street. It was not good.

I looked in Esquires Coffee. Not a recommended pace for coffee, clueless on coffee. too large cups beans from a catering supplier, they could not even tell me the roast date.

Same applies to Oxfam shop. They peddle low quality FairTrade coffee. Far better direct trade, growers get a far better price for quality coffee.

I checked out The Village. A disaster area. More or less the same location as the failed farmers market last year, lessons not learnt. Moronic music blasting out.

Too hot for cappuccino. I fancied a cold brew coffee, ice cold. Harris + Hoole brought out a murky looking concoction from the fridge, looked as though dredged from the bottom of a pond. Concentrated filter coffee which they chill, then dilute. Yuk.  I tried nitro cold brew out of a can. Only one word to describe, disgusting.  Not helped by the chiller cabinet not working, and so  not cold. Contrary to the false claims made by Chloë Callow in Cold Brew Coffee  I have yet to see any coffee shop with shelves groaning with jars of cold brew coffee, let alone restaurants with fridges full of the stuff.

There is a fairly new Greek coffee shop, which from the numbers outside, must be popular. I assumed and had been told, open until early evening. I asked, to be told closed in a few minutes. Open until seven which I guess is better than the indie coffee shops which close at seven. They gave me half a dozen little savoury pastries. Apart from one that had inside a disgusting sausage, were quite pleasant.

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