Cappuccino in Barista Lounge

I have had a coffee in Barista lounge a couple of times, each time undrinkable.

Massive turnover of staff.

Last week, yet again someone new. He claimed he knew how to make coffee.

I looked in today, a new lad, only started that day. All on his own.

A pleasant day, I sat in the back yard, where at least peaceful and quiet.

Nothing to eat, apart from bread with cheese.

It was so stale that almost broke teeth biting into it.

A cappuccino was brought with chocolate dumped on top.

I sent it back.

A second cappuccino brought, it looked disgusting and it was.

Not the fault of the lad, first day, did not know what he was doing, all on his own and out of his depth.

Unless Barista Lounge gets its act together, I cannot see it remaining in business


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