Afternoon in Farnham

Slowly slowly getting warmer.

I arrived later than I wished, having stopped off at Aldershot Victoria Day. A waste of time. Only stall of interest, Karuna Coffee, and I lacked the time to stop and chat as was only passing through, and the loud music made conversation nigh impossible

I had forgotten their was a Sustainability Festival in Gostrey Meadow. More stalls than Victoria Day in Aldershot, and certainly of greater interest.

But little time, else would miss the butcher.

Ad miss the butcher I did, I arrived just as the shutters were going down.

Looked in Gail’s Bakery, it was literally empty. I am not surprised, overpriced food, cakes and bread, and poor quality coffee.

Last week, a new guy in Barista Lounge. He said he knew how to make coffee. A pleasant change if true. He was not there. A young lad, all on his own, and no, he had not a clue on coffee. I tried there one and only bread roll. So hard ad stale, nearly broke teeth biting into it.

Two young people looking lost. I took them on a walk around Bishop’s Meadow.

Talking with people in Farnham. They are appalled at Theresa May calling an election, appalled at her arrogance having called an election, refusing to engage in any debate, feel she has seriously damaged our negotiating position with EU. They feel she should resign. Doing a deal with DUP to cling onto power fills them with revulsion.


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