Theresa May must go

Theresa May subjected the country to an unnecessary General Election. She claimed she was being obstructed over Brexit and needed a strong mandate.

This was not true. There was overwhelming support in Parliament to go forward with Brexit.  There was support in the country to go forward with Brexit.

Her call of a General Election was cheap politics at its lowest. She thought she could rely on Labour MPs to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn as they had been doing over the last two years, she thought she could rely upon the media, of the smears in the Murdoch owned media.

She was proved wrong.  Her gambit backfired, blew up in her face.

People saw her for what she was, a cheap politician with nothing to offer, nothing positive to say, lacking in empathy, who could not face the public, could not engage in debate, who appeared as a badly programmed robot that needed a factory recall.

EU must be overjoyed at negotiating with Theresa May.

She should go, but she has the gall to try and form a government.

Even worse form a government with DUP, a party with strong links to Irish terrorists, a party that makes UKIP look like a party of the radical left.

But it is even worse than this.

Devolved government and power sharing in Northern Ireland, always fragile at best, has collapsed, we could easily slip back into violence, the two strong men are no longer there. UK government has to be seen as impartial. Cannot be if favours one side.

Pause and reflect for one moment, if Jeremy Corbyn formed a government dependent upon IRA support?


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