Guildford farmers market

A blustery  day.

Many stallholders failed to turn up, others turned up then packed up, the market started to pack up early  afternoon.

All in all a wasted trip.

Depressing to see stallholders buying drinking coffee from Costa and tax-dodging Caffè Nero. Support local producers, do as we say, not as we do.

Why no indie coffee stall on the market, one at the top one at the bottom of the market? Stalls serving speciality coffee, roasted locally.

Godalming has an excellent street food market in July, why not Guildford, why not August, along the High Street, overflow into Tunsgate? It is not too late to organise for August or September.

There is one in Allen House Grounds. Waste of time, wrong location, few are aware.

Bedda, two Sicilian guys serving excellent pasta are a must for the market. They have applied, why have they not been invited?

A new coffee coffee  shop Esquires Coffee has opened top of the High Street. Do not waste the effort  on a trek to the top of the High Street as wasted effort.  Not worth a visit. Clueless on coffee.  Two serving could  not have been more miserable  if they tried.

Guildford farmers market is held first Tuesday of the month.

Street Food Picnic Allen House Grounds 17 June 2017.

Godalming Food Festival 1 July 2017.


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