Afternoon in Guildford

Last week it was as though I had stepped into Nineteen Eighty-Four, it was eerie, few people about, slogans on tannoys.

Yesterday we seemed to be back to normal, Gatwick train packed, Guildford busy.

Though for how long? As I write, this even at least three terrorist attacks in London.

Last week, excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, though surly service not so good.

Yesterday food was probably as good, but surly service made it less enjoyable.


Cappuccino at Harris + Hoole. Not as good as week before.

On my way in, I stopped and had a coffee at FCB coffee kiosk on Guildford Station.  For a change, I tried their guest coffee, an Ethiopian coffee.

I needed a new phone. I wanted Samsung Galaxy A3 2016, maybe 2017. Tempted by OnePlus 3t, but expensive at £470.

CEX had Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 £135, Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 £205. Both phones locked. How much to unlock? They did not know, but said to unlock an Apple phone £90.

Carphone Warehouse Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 £250 plus free 64 GB memory card.

How much to unlock?

iFixit £20 to unlock. Did they have Samsung Galaxy A3 2016? Yes. £130 unlocked.

Today I found Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 in a mobile phone shop in Farnham £180 unlocked.

Contrast with CEX, £205 plus £20 to unlock.

At that price may as well buy a new phone.


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