Afternoon in Farnham

This morning in the garden, pleasantly warm, the afternoon, chilly.

I had a feeling, being Bank Holiday weekend, then may be something happening in Gostrey Meadow.

I was correct. Racing plastic ducks down the river.

Stalls with tat. The only quality stall, Hobo Co, though their coffee was a disappointment.

I suggested they check out Godalming Food Festival, Staycation Live and Guildford farmers market.

It was then to Krema, for a decent coffee.

For some perverse reason, everything came in reverse order, first a cappuccino, followed by a sausage roll, followed by soup.

Maybe my fault, as I ordered in reverse order.

I also bought a bag of coffee beans, Pioneer v4.0 from Horsham Coffee Roasters.

Very sad to see the music shop in Downing Street had closed. End of an era.

Last year we lost the greengrocer.

I will not be surprised to see the Downing Street Deli close. The best thing that could happen to it would be someone else take it over and do a better job.  The Deli side is good, but the coffee undrinkable.

Philip Higham cellist rehearsing in the Parish Church. He was very good, ideally suited to the church acoustics. I was tempted to buy a CD but at £20, no way. I left, returned, and bought. Had it been £10, I would have bought two. It was though a double CD.

Philip Higham was quite apologetic. He has to buy them. That is the disadvantage of being on a record label.

As the acoustics were so good, I suggested get hold of quality recording equipment, record, master and release as a live recording on bandcamp.

If lack the funds, crowd source.

Also consider looping the cello. I gave Zoe Keating as an example.

Or could do a duo with bass player Steve Lawson.

I walked a little way around Manor Field, not far, not even as far as the river.

Dotted around Farnham tied yellow ribbons. A few had a blue centre with hashtag #freenazanin an imprisoned journalist in Iran.

Meaningless sign on the door of Costa, or at least a meaningless award, voted the best national coffee shop. Out of what, Costa or tax dodging Starbucks or tax dodging Caffè Nero, all infamous for serving undrinkable coffee in an awful environment that screams corporate.

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