Afternoon tea at Henry’s

Henry’s is a lovely tea room, sits above Ruddock’s.

Sadly, it closes Easter Saturday.

Henry’s has been open for four years. According to the staff, who will all lose their jobs, it was a very popular tea shop.

Henry’s will close, because Ruddock’s is closing after 163 years in business, and access to Henry’s on the first floor is through the shop.

But could more not have been done to keep it open?

There is a side entrance, thus access through the shop is not essential, and other tea shops mange this situation including deliveries, though access through the shop is required if require disabled access.

What therefore are the options?

If the ground floor is leased out as a shop, then condition of the lease access must be maintained.

This is not a negative, it would bring people in and through the shop.

Have any discussions been held with Madame Waffle next door to take on the running of the tea shop, if not, why not?

Ruddock’s blame lack of car parking in the town centre. This is nonsense, and do we really wish more cars to drive into the town centre to bring about gridlock?

There are people on the street. The problem is, Ruddock’s lost their way, changed from an indie bookshop to a shop selling rubbish.

Today Ruddock’s was busy, only time I have ever seen busy. Vultures picking over the carcass.

I was surprised reductions of only 50% with only one day to go, as will get far less for any stock left. If closing, shift the stock, even if selling at a loss, as will still be more than will get once the shop closes.

Ruddock’s claim to have the oldest telephone number in the country, the same telephone number for over 100 years. In 1905, the number was Lincoln 85, then Lincoln 285, then 28285, until today 528285. Could this be the oldest telephone number in continuous use in the world?

A very sad day, both for Ruddock’s, Henry’s and all the staff who will lose their jobs.

It is also a very sad day for the town, but the city council do not care, all they are interested in are greedy developers who are trashing the town.



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