Cappuccino in Makushi

A pleasant sunny day, though very cold in the shade with a  bitter cold wind blowing.

I decided, walk up Steep Hill to the top, then if I had time, a cappuccino in Makushi on the way back down.

Steep Hill surprisingly very busy, as was the High Street. It was like Christmas and New Year. I assume because school half term.

Makushi though was surprisingly not busy.  I sat by the window. It often works, people do not go in a  place that looks empty. And yes it did work, a steady stream of customers.

My cappuccino was excellent, but and a curious but.

In many ways a perfect cappuccino, only had like this in Coffee Lab and a couple of other places, but, and it has been three times now, an excellent cappuccino, but always a strange taste within the cappuccino.

Why I do not not know.

The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop down in the town has exactly the same coffee beans, roasted the same way, and yet never has this strange taste. And last week, following my suggestion, the cappuccino was better, though Makushi even better but for the strange taste.

At the back of Makushi, in a back room, there is an undercroft. It has always been occupied when I have visited previously. I guess if you know it is there, a good place to sit, and not everyday can have a coffee in an undercroft.

But, luckily for me, today not occupied.

A long table down the middle, coffee books and coffee mags on a shelf at the back, and as I walked in a bookcase of books.

Whether can take the books or for show I do not know, as I did not ask, but they looked as though there for people to read.

Maybe they ought set up as a BookCrossing zone.

Walking back down very cold.

A car decided ok to drive through the lower half of top end of High Street cos I am a Hermes driver delivering. No, it is not ok, and your are a mug working for Hermes.

But, in the High Street there is a problem. A pedestrianised street and yet after four o’clock lorries allowed to drive through.

After four o’clock the High Street was packed and yet vans and lorries are allowed to drive through.

Coffee Aroma has been ordered to remove its tables and chairs by four o’clock.

Who is causing the problem and a danger to the public, Coffee Aroma or Lincoln City Council and Lincolnshire County Council, with bad town centre planning and allowing cars, vans and lorries through the city centre?

Last week, I was almost run down at four o’clock by a white van as I walked by Coffee Aroma with their tables and chairs neatly stacked up.

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5 Responses to “Cappuccino in Makushi”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Glad you are having a nice time in Lincoln. do you get the opportunity to visit any pubs in the town and is there a Wetherspoon there.

  2. keithpp Says:

    No, rough pubs, but there are excellent coffee shops.

    There were two Wetherspoon pubs.

    One, The Ritz, was once an indie cinema, but it did not survive. To my surprise, it still shows films.

    All this week a Japan Festival and they are showing Japanese films.

    From the outside looking in, it looks rough.

    The other in an old Coop Department Store has closed down.

    Wetherspoon News is always full of new pubs opening. I have never heard of one closing.

    If what I have been told is to be believed, The Coop closed them by jacking up the rent. Not the only pub they have closed, according to word on the street. I am aware of two others, one in Lincoln, another in a village.

    Coop a disaster as retailers, but own a lot of property. They are doing an excellent job destroying other businesses.

  3. Tony Lea Says:

    On my Wetherspoon app it still says that the Ritz is stilll open it looks a great old traditional town cinema centre conversion that Wetherspoons are very good at. I’m sure if they didn’t do this sort of thing the building would be lost forever.

    They also have the The Square Sail, Brayford Wharf North.

    They have been closing a few recently mainly rationalising there estate especially where there is more than one pub in a city or town. I thought it strange that a big city like Lincoln wouldn’t have one.

  4. keithpp Says:

    I did not say the Ritz was closed.

    I said I had looked in and it looked rough.

    The one that has closed is what used to be a Coop department store in the town centre.

    Talking with locals, they tell me it was always busy. Even at 8am in the morning it was packed.

    It was forced to close by the Coop jacking up the rent.

    The Coop being the equivalent of a local mafia.

    The area around the Brayford, a very old port second only to London, is ugly.

    It used to be an attractive area, of old grain warehouses.

    It could have been renovated, indy coffee shops and other local businesses.

    Instead the warehouses were demolished, the area destroyed. Greed, bad planning, corruption, writ large.

    Lincoln is unusual in that it has a very large number of little pubs. Possibly because on the intersection of many different breweries, and so no one brewery has a monopoly.

    Only now, are these little pubs starting to close, to be replaced in the town centre with large binge drinking bars.

  5. Tony Lea Says:

    Thanks Keith. Hopefully you have been able to witness the great joy in the town due to the exploits of Non League Lincoln City.What an effort the first team in 103 years to qualify for the last 8 of the FA Cup.

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