Cappuccino from The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

Independents are thriving and Lincoln is full of them and I want to continue that trend. — Matthew Deyn, The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

It’s just one of those things I have had a passion for. There’s the social aspect of serving customers and also the speciality grade coffee. I taste coffee like people taste wine. — Matthew Deyn, The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

I thought today I would continue trying different coffee shops, always a risky venture, as never know what will be served.

I was going to try Cafe W, the new coffee shop in Waterstone’s, which I have yet to try. They kicked out Costa which was a smart move.

Then I thought, no, I will walk up to Makushi half way up Steep Hill.

I stopped for a chat at The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop, and that was as far as I got.

It was though, a good move,  I had an excellent cappuccino.

I asked that it be made differently. Instead of one shot, I had two shots.

My first sip, maybe too strong. I was wrong, it was perfect.

Prices too have now improved. £2-80 a cappuccino was too high for a stall, pushing it for a coffee shop. Now £2-60. Better.

A chat with a few of the customers. They were very impressed with their coffee.

The Little Coffee Shop source their roasted beans from Makushi, which are also on sale.

Several different brew methods.

A quick visit to the market and Sincil Street, then a look in Waterstone’s.

An illustrated Alice on display.

As I walked past Stokes on High Bridge on the dot of four o’clock, I notice literally empty, not a single person enjoying a tea or a coffee.

Coffee Aroma had their tables and chairs stacked up. By edict of Lincolnshire County Council. The problem is not Coffee Aroma with tables and chairs outside their coffee shop. The problem is traffic allowed in a pedestrianised street.

It is time to consider the launch of an indie coffee shop chain disrupter loyalty card.

A bit of a mouthful, though the concept is simple enough.

Quality indie coffee shops, for example Stokes, Coffee Aroma, Makushi, The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop, launch a joint loyalty card. To have  a free coffee, would have to show had been stamped by at least three of the participants, and would  be taken at one of the coffee shops where stamped.

New participants could join the scheme, but they would have to be approved, show they source quality beans, traceable to the finca or farm, had skilled baristas who take a pride and were knowledgeable on the coffee they served.

The card itself could be  a collectors item, featuring on one side an illustration or quote related to Lincoln.

Each new card, a local artist or designer. Sharing, collaborative commons, they would not be paid, but would be entitled to free coffee at any of the participants for the duration of the card.

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