The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

The world’s smallest coffee shop.

Never wise to make a claim that may not be true, but certainly small.

I had a chat with the young lad running this little coffee shop earlier in the week, and promised him I would be back to try his coffee.

I have of late been trying out some of the indie coffee shops in Lincoln, but can end up having undrinkable coffee, as with The Angel Coffee House, so earlier in the week I played safe and had a coffee in Stokes on High Bridge, always a wise choice, and I was not disappointed, I had an excellent cappuccino.

Today it was the turn of The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop.

Strictly speaking a tricycle, to provide a platform upon which everything is mounted, in the tradition of ice cream vendors.

A grotty shopping centre is not where I would expect to find good coffee. Shopping centres are the haunt of chains like Costa and tax-dodging Starbucks. Were it not for the fact we had a chat earlier in the week and I knew from where he sourced his coffee, I would not have even tried.

But life is full of surprises.

A kiosk on Guildford Station, is an unlikely place for quality coffee.

The lad knows his stuff, and has a range of coffee methods, maybe too many for a little stall.

Pleasantly surprised, an excellent cappuccino. I would prefer not to have in a takeaway cup, as never does good coffee justice, but needs must.

It is always  pleasure to have a good coffee.  Not on a par with Stokes on High Bridge or Coffee Aroma, but nevertheless excellent. With improvement, a possible contender for inclusion in Northern England Independent Coffee Guide when the third edition is published.

My only criticism, a little weak, maybe use two shots not one, and £2-80 is far too expensive for a cappuccino off a stall, making it one of the most expensive coffees in Lincoln.

The beans are sourced from Makushi, and that was my other reason for wishing to try. I had a coffee from Makushi, an excellent cappuccino, but it had an unpleasant taste, that left an unpleasant aftertaste. Why I do not know. I doubt the barista or the machine which left the beans.  And yet, excellent cappuccino, curiouser and curiouser.  It could be different batch of beans.

Earlier I walked up Steep Hill as far as the Bookstop Cafe, but no time to go all the way to the top, otherwise no time for a coffee when I got back down.

I was shocked to hear that the lovely Olde Worlde bookshop was closing. Driven out by a hike in the rent.

After my coffee, a quick chat in Coffee Aroma.

On leaving, my bag broke, scattering shopping in the street.

Many thanks to the girl with the toddler in a buggie, who helped me gather it all up. And to the lady who insisted I must have her M&S bag to put in all my shopping.

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