Cappuccino at Stokes on High Bridge

The last couple of occasions I have avoided Stokes and Coffee Aroma and decided to try a couple of the indie coffee shops in Lincoln.

A risky endeavour, as I can end up in somewhere like The Angel Coffee House, as I did last week, shabby, lack of ambience, filthy threadbare chairs and awful coffee.

Today I decided to play safe and visit Stokes on High Bridge.

As always, excellent cappuccino.

I picked up a copy of Bailgate Independent. A glossy magazine full of advertising, articles not worth reading. Tragic waste of trees. I am surprised Stokes stock it.

I contrast with the excellent Viva Brighton. Brighton has creative talent, maybe Lincoln does not.

On my way I passed through the grotty shopping centre opposite Stokes on High Bridge.

Not where would expect quality coffee. I stopped and had a brief chat with a guy with a little coffee stall. I said I would pop by one day and try his coffee. Several brewing methods, maybe too many for a little one man stall. Wrong location, a grotty shopping centre is not where would expect quality coffee. Central Market would be ideal location, except for one problem, thanks to the destruction Coop and the local council have wrought down on the area, footfall is low. Beans sourced from Makushi.

From Stokes, roast dinner at Park Street Eatery. It tasted better than it looked, but not great.

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2 Responses to “Cappuccino at Stokes on High Bridge”

  1. misakouroco Says:

    I agree, I’m shopping mall phobia, and I wouldn’t expect a quality coffee shop in there at all.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I agree, a shopping mall full of chains, where you expect to find tax-dodging Starbucks serving undrinkable coffee, is not where would expect to find quality coffee.

    Which is why I have advised him to relocate to the Central Market, even though little footfall, thanks to the local council and the Coop doing their best to trash the area.

    From there build up a reputation.

    Sincil Street, once a thriving street of independent shops and market stalls, now blighted.

    Before I chatted to the coffee guy I chatted to a guy with hand-crafted wooden furniture. He used to be in Sincil Street. In the end he was forced to relocate, sky-high rents, empty shops, no one around.

    Greedy Coop would rather maintain unaffordable rents, empty shops, than lower the rents and see a thriving are of indie businesses. And they try to claim they are a cooperative, on the side of the workers. They give all cooperatives a bad name.

    The future is open coops.

    I promised the coffee guy I would return, try a coffee and have a chat.

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