Drain the swamp

Probably one of the defining moments in the election of Donald Trump to the White House was his call to drain the swamp.

Last night,  Republicans decided to axe the Ethics Committee, in other words, far from draining the swamp, decided to increase the stench coming from the swamp.

Who but a corrupt politician would wish to axe an ethics committee?

But Donald Trump, intervened, or so the story goes.

BBC News has become a national embarrassment. They were still reporting on the news this evening that it was intervention by Donald Trump that overturned the axing of the committee.

Had the  BBC done a little research they would have found as Micheal Moore has shown, it was anything but, it was ordinary people who overturned the axing of the Ethics Committee.

Why would the BBC get it so wrong?

Expand the question, why has the BBC failed to report many of the mass protests? Where was the reporting of Blockadia, where was the reporting of the Standing Rock stand-off?

Why does The Guardian continue to run smear stories against Jeremy Corbyn, why does the BBC grant his opponents a platform?

The reason is very simple. It would never do to show that the people have power. If the people realised, they would exercise it more often.

The 1% can only lord it over the 99% because the 99% let them.

In the US, a massive resistance movement has formed, to oppose any of the bad policies of Donald Trump, in this case not Trump but the Republicans.

This resistance movement can be mobilised at a moment’s notice, as we saw last night.

First victory to the people.

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