Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma

Yesterday an excellent cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln High Street was packed with Christmas shoppers, Stokes on High Bridge was empty, Coffee Aroma was packed.

Roast date of the coffee beans was prominently displayed.

My cappuccino was marginally better than earlier in the week. But without a direct comparison, hard to say. A different barista. But probably more important, the beans were possibly used a little too soon after the roast date.

Roast date is very important. One week, let the beans  rest, the aromatic oils adjust, followed by a three week period when beans are at their optimum.

It is then for the barista to exercise their skill and extract the best from the beans.

All quality coffee shops will tell you the roast date if asked.

If they do not know, do not even understand why important, then they know nothing about coffee.

La Cafeína in La Laguna has around 50 varieties of coffee beans stored in plastic jars. Roast date is an alien concept. They do not even use a quality espresso machine. They have relocated since the spring, an improvement in their coffee. Was allowed to sample their coffee beans, to decide which I would prefer. Most were over roasted and should have been binned. I chose the least worse.

Caracoli in Guildford, store manager not a clue on coffee. When I visited in July, could not see what was wrong with beans roasted October last year!

Coffee Aroma source their beans from Has Bean.

Stokes around the corner in the High Street, roast their own beans. A criticism of their beans on sale no roast date. And Stokes should know better.

Coffee Aroma is featured in Northern England Independent Coffee Guide, which they have on sale.

Coffee Aroma  is located off the High Street, before passing through The Stonebow, turn left at the corner where is located HSBC.

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