Jeremy Corbyn for Christmas No 1

No airplay on Radio 1.

Does anyone actually listen to the commercial crap on Radio 1?

Perverse to say the least to not only release but promote on tax-dodging iTunes and Amazon. Even worse to release on spotify. Lack of joined up thinking by those around Jeremy Corbyn.

Pleased therefore to finally see joined up thinking and a song being promoted on bandcamp.
Why on earth was it released, let alone promoted, on tax-dodging iTunes or Amazon? Even worse on spotify which screws artists?
Sell 1500 songs on iTunes to make minimum wage.  1.2 million plays on spotify.
Spotify operates facebook model, theft and abuse of personal data.
On bandcamp, artists get the data, bandcamp only takes a small cut. Can easily be shared. High quality audio. Can listen to entire tracks and albums. Can set minimum price, pay more than the asking price.


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