No seats on Virgin Trains East Coast Mainline

A few months ago, Jeremy Corbyn caused a kerfuffle when found sitting on the floor near the door on a Virgin train on the East Coast Mainline.

Richard Branson claimed it was a publicity stunt.

As regular travellers are well aware, these trains either have occupied seats or are reserved.

And so it was today on the 1330 Kings Cross to Edinburgh train, arrives Edinburgh 1830.

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6 Responses to “No seats on Virgin Trains East Coast Mainline”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    I can certainly see a few empty and unreserved seats in your photos Keith??.
    At least there is a train unlike the poor people who have to travel on Southern services.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Pictures were taken several minutes before the train departed.

    Coaches were full, seats either occupied or reserved.

    Front couple of coaches were packed.

    Several minutes before coach departed, luggage rack empty, and no luggage by the door.

    When train departed, luggage rack full, luggage piled up by the door.

    Walking through the train it was full.

    Passengers did as I always do, sit in a reserved seat. If the seat is requested, then vacate the seat.

    To compare with Southern, the worst performing rail company is meaningless.

    Southern should lose their rail franchise.

    And in the New Year, rail fares will be hiked well above inflation.

  3. Tony Lea Says:

    Thought the comparison was quite good myself as you are obviously saying that Virgin is underperforming in their franchise requirements just like Southern.
    As a regular traveller I can’t believe you don’t prebook early to get a cheap fare with the automatic pre booked seat.

  4. keithpp Says:

    I am not saying Virgin are underperforming in their franchise requirements as no idea what that requirement is.

    I am merely saying poor service, overcrowded trains, and that what Jeremy Corbyn highlighted is the norm.

    I have travelled when it is far worse, when as Jeremy Corbyn found, passengers sat by the doors on their luggage.

    I could also add, a deterioration since it was publicly owned.

    East Coast Mainline, in public ownership, was one of the best performing rail companies, it is also returned millions of pounds to the Treasury. Now that money goes to Richard Branson (who does not pay tax).

    There was no public consent, let alone pubic consultation, to hand this route to Virgin.

    The comparison with Southern meaningless, as nothing could be this bad.

    Southern should be stripped of the franchise, but when we have an idiot like Chrs Grayling as Transport Secretary, what to expect?

  5. Tony Lea Says:

    Good points Keith. I agree with them all.I see you did choose to ignore my second point though.

  6. keithpp Says:

    No one should have to book to get a seat.

    I prefer the freedom to travel as and when I please.

    My train to London, SWTrains, running late, overcrowded, only four coaches, risk of missing train from Kings Cross.

    Had I missed the train, and booked in advance, I would have had to queue at ticket office, pay again, and probably miss the next train.

    I have rail card, thus no advantage in advance booking.

    Advance booking would only apply from Kings Cross. Thus any gain, would be lost by what I would have to pay for another train to London and to cross London.

    Plus I would be restricted on day i wished to travel.

    Trains should be brought back into public ownership, but not Nationalisation, which is State Capitalism run by unaccountable bureaucrats.

    We need, as Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Caroline Lucas have proposed, some form of cooperative structure where drivers and guards, travellers, and the government would have shared ownership, thus accountability.

    And it would be an open coop.

    There would be no cost to acquire, simply wait until the franchise expires, when it reverts back to government. Or in the case of Southern, take back the franchise for appallingly bad performance.

    We can then have investment in a publicly owned rail network, and not the gravy train of HS2.

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