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Cena en El Maná

November 23, 2016

Excelente cena en  El Maná restaurante vegetariano en Puerto de la Cruz.

As always excellent dinner in El Maná.

Following excellent flamenco at Teatro Timanfaya, late dinner at El Maná.

Was I too late, they close at 10-30 and I arrived not long before 10-30?

I would have been happy witha bowl of soup. It was ok, and no there was no soup.

Excellent tagalette with stir fried vegetables and chopped tomatoes.

To drink, real ale from a local brewery.

For sweet tiramisú.

And a cappuccino.

Never had before tiramisú of this quality.

A restaurant is not where would expect excellent cappuccino. El Maná that rare exception.

Also a rare exception, the only place in Puerto de la Cruz where can obtain a decent cappuccino.

They need though to replace their coffee cups.

El Maná es restaurante vegetariano en Puerto de la Cruz.

Flamenco Puro

November 23, 2016

March last year at a fiesta, Festa de San Xosé, in Santigo de Compostela I saw incredible flamenco.

Flamenco Puro at Teatro Timanfaya en Puerto de la Cruz had a very hard act to follow.

Flamenco Puro succeeded.  They were not better, they were different.

Well done Monica, theatre director, for once again putting on an excellent show.

Contrary to the name, this was not pure flamenco, more a musical performance. But then maybe flamenca is more than dance.

Started with a lone guitarist, followed by a singer, followed by another singer. They then provided the backing for the dancers who came on next.

Thrilling dancing, including stunning solo performances.

Dance went beyond classical flamenco. Was this modern flamenco?

Tonight was an extra performance.  Thursday night will be last night.

Near to Christmas there will be special performance.  Maybe February next year, a new season.

Hotel Be Live Tenerife Adults Club scam

November 22, 2016

When staying at a hotel, it is reasonable to have access to all areas, indeed it is the norm.

Not so if staying at Hotel Be Live Tenerife, where they operate a policy of segregation, roped off areas, where one pays 15 euros per person per day to access.

Areas that previously were freely available to all clients, as they should be. Clients have not paid to stay at a hotel, to find they are denied access to certain areas unless they pay a  access fee.

Adults Club

Adults Club

segregation demarcation line

segregation demarcation line

A grassy area adjacent to the swimming pool is roped off. Around the pool, clients packed in like sardines, in part due to hotel a building site and should not be open, to access the grassy area, 15 euros per person per day.  If you have the audacity to stray into this area, an aggressive lifeguard comes running over and orders you to leave.

Within the hotel restaurant, another segregated area.

Nescafe coffee machine within restricted restaurant area. Disgusting undrinkable coffee. But then what to expect from Nescafe?

Welcome to the Hotel Be Live Tenerife Adults Club scam.

And what is this Adults Club?

Not as some may have expected, orgies, swingers, porn on demand.

This grants you, for 15 euros per person per day, the following ´benefits´:

  • access to segregated areas
  • choice of pillows
  • free newspaper
  • bathrobe hanging in the wardrobe
  • energy tower 3
  • Nespresso machine
  • two chocolates

There is a leaflet detailing these ´benefits´, only reception has no leaflets.

It is an insult to anyone who enjoys good coffee to offer a Nespresso machine.

The Nespresso machine takes up uncessary space in the room. No instructions on how to use. It also appears, from a leaflet in Spanish, have to pay 10 euros to use.

iPod dock seems to be non-existent. Instead a column speaker, energy tower 3, connected by bluetooth. Recognised by phone, not recognised by tablet.  No instruction on use.

If wished a newspaper, would go out and buy one.

In other other words, Adults Club is a sick joke, a crude Be Live scam to extract more money from unsuspecting clients.

Cappuccino en el bar Magic Corner

November 21, 2016



El bar Magic Corner tipico de Tenerife mucho ruida.

Tipical local bar –very noisy — loud music,  wide screen TV, locals shouting.

Florentina y cappuccino en El Limón

November 21, 2016

El Limón es restaurante vegetariano esta circa de Plaza de Iglesia en Puerto de la Cruz.

Cappuccino en Malaika

November 20, 2016


A very poor quality cappuccino.

Beans poor quality, Italian and over roasted.

Not ground fresh for each  cup.

Vegan Italian coffee shop, and thus no milk.

Choice of various artificial milks — almond, coconut, spelt, soya …

Soya like palm oil, bad for the environment, destruction of rain forests, loss of  habitat, genetically modified crops.

Spelt bread not good, recommended  spelt milk.

Never use sugar in a cappuccino, it ruins it.

Spelt milk very sweet. As though several spoonfuls of sugar dumped in the coffee

As a result a very disgusting cappuccino.

If nothing else, disguised that beans over roasted.

The beans, so over roasted, burnt. The aroma was not good, all essential oils destroyed

Normally, beans this burnt would produced a very disgusting bitter coffee. The only reason not, masked by the spelt milk. But equally disgusting coffee and left a queezy feeling in the stomach.

Beans are sourced from Caffé Salomoni, a brand coffee, suppliers to hotels, restaurants and cafés, which says it all. The blend, Optimo é con Caffé Espresso, which includes robusta.

I could see no roast date. But if shipped from Italy, unlikely to be within optimum period from roast date. But, becomes a moot point when beans this burnt. A skilled barista would be hard pushed to get a decent cup of coffee out of these beans.

The myth that Italy is synonomous with quality coffee, is just that, a myth.

Italy invented the espresso machine, though the French may wish to dispute this.

It was the French who first applied steam to drive water under pressure through coffee.

In 1818, Mr Laurens of Paris used a percolator system to create coffee. Further refinements by Louis Bernard Rabaut in 1822.

It was not until the early 1900s Italians came on the scene.

antique espresso machine

antique espresso machine

In 1901, Luigi Bezzera created a primitive espresso machine.

It was not until post-WWII we had the forerunner of the modern espresso machine.

It was Italian Fascists who coined the term barista, to differentiate from the American barman.

Ambience in Malaika pleasant, apart from the unpleasant loud music.

Once again we see, if you want to open a quality coffee shop, need quality beans, quality machines and a skilled barista.

The nearest in Tenerife for quality coffee is Café del Aguere in La Laguna.

El Rastro en El Mercado

November 19, 2016


Food and junk every Saturday morning.  

El Rastro en El Mercado

November 19, 2016


Food and junk every Saturday morning.  

Cappuccino en Café del Aguere

November 19, 2016


​Excellent cappuccino in Café del Aguere in La Laguna.

Only place in Tenerife to get a decent coffee. 

La Laguna

November 19, 2016

church in La Laguna

church in La Laguna

La Laguna, old colonial town in Tenerife.