Hotel Be Live Tenerife entertainment

If you thought X-Factor and Britain (ain´t) Got Talent was the pits, then you ain´t seen nothing yet. Nothing could be as bad as what masquarades as entertainment at Be Live Hotel Tenerife.

As can be seen, not exactly popular.

It also does an excellent job of emptying the lounge.

Usually seats are at a premium in the lounge, but not any more.

So-called entertainment would normally be held in the ballroom, but the ceiling has collapsed, propped up by scaffolding poles, the hotel a building site, which should not be open.

As a result, the entertainment is in the lounge, where it does an excellent job of emptying the lounge at night. People sit in reception, go up to their rooms, or go out, the only way to obtain peace and quiet.

The hotel is a building site, it should not be open, but the least the senior management could do is to take steps to mitigate the stress on clients. But they do not seem to care.

They could say sorry, no entertainment, ballroom closed, and it would hardly be missed, but no, they would rather cause even more hassle to clients.

It would be nice to say sorry the hotel is a building site.

Patronising response of hotel assistant manager, who is way out of her depth and probably could not manage a local bar, is that we have a contract to provide entertainment.

Actually they have a contract to provide a hotel not a building site, but that seems to be lost on them, Be Live Corporate greed more important than client satisfaction.

A hotel is people business, it should be client focussed. If you fail to heed your clients, then you have lost the plot, you are in the wrong business.

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