Segregation at Hotel Be Live Tenerife

Adults Club

Adults Club

segregation demarcation line

segregation demarcation line

If you thought segregation was dead, be shocked, at Be Live Tenerife it is alive and kicking.

When paying to stay at a hotel, one assumes one has access to all areas.

This was true at Hotel Florida in Puerto de la Cruz, aka Luabay, aka Be Live Tenerife. Since a year ago, not so, clients at Be Live Tenerife have to pay 15 euros per person per day to access a grassy area, a grassy area that was previously available to everyone.

A lifeguard doubles as an aggressive bouncer and very aggressivly enforces, ordering people out if they dare cross the line and enter  into the ropped off area. One afternoon, he sat all afternoon in the grassy area on guard duty.  Not his job, he should be guarding the pool, but what does it matter if a guest drowns when guests are there to be ripped off.

If transgressors refuse to leave, he threatens to call the Police.

Meanwhile, those not allowed in the segregated area packed in like sardines around the swimming pool, forced to endure moronic loud music (which also must cause disturbance for surrounding residential properties).

This situation is made far worse due to large areas of the hotel being a building site and cordoned off and out of use.

There is also a segregated area of the hotel restaurant.

This is Adults Club. Be Live corporate greed, rip guests off by charging 15 euros per person per day to access areas that should be and were freely available to all hotel guests.

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One Response to “Segregation at Hotel Be Live Tenerife”

  1. Susan Prophet Says:

    I’m not sure why you’d even want to go there. It looks very grim. Go out and see the countryside.

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