President Trump elect

A landslide victory for Donald Trump.

Once again the opinion polls and media pundits proved wrong.

George Galloway:

Criminal Clinton’s support for NAFTA, Wall St, (which paid for her election, along with Saudi Arabia) and adventurist foreign policy and war has cost her big time. And the neoliberal Democrats who torpedoed Sanders’ campaign and followed her blindly have handed the Presidency to Trump.
And as for the pollsters, pundits, politicians…All you “experts” just took a hell of a beating ( again).

It is easy to see why a landslide for Trump.

Since the early 1970s wages for ordinary Americans have flat-lined.

Across America rusting steel mills, derelict factories.

Bill Clinton signed Nafta which relocated jobs across the border to Mexico.

Barack Obama pushed TTIP. Hilary Clinton backed TTIP.

TTIP is now dead.

The banks collapsed in 2008. Ordinary American lost their homes.

Obama bailed out the banks.

Hilary Clinton backed by Wall Street.

A corrupt political establishment out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Hilary Clinton personifies that corrupt political  establishment.

Bernie Sanders was best placed to beat Donald Trump.

The corrupt Democratic establishment rigged the Primaries.

Bernie Sanders lacked the courage to stand as an Independent, with Jill Stein as his running mate.

Two bad candidates, two rats in a rat race.

Donald Trump is reviled, Hilary Clinton is hated. She was the worst possible candidate to be put up against Trump.

Jeremy Corbyn summed it up, Americans have voted against the existing economic system. A system that exists to enrich the rich.

We now have to hope Donald Trump is surrounded by good people.

Now here’s a radical thought:

  • Hilary Clinton  Secretary of State
  • Bernie Sanders Treasury or Labour
  • Jill Stein Environment

He must phase out coal and oil, but replace the jobs.

He must support Nato.

He appears to have good relations with Russia.

The world holds its breath.

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2 Responses to “President Trump elect”

  1. Conchscooter Says:

    The best case scenario which I think you are implying is that Trump could be Teddy Roosevelt. He won’t be because his religious nutter Vice President is now looking like the power behind the throne. Conceivably worse than Dick Cheney which would be a tough feat but it could happen. Gays are girding their loins in the US already.

  2. Susan Prophet Says:

    It wasn’t a landslide, he actually got less votes than Clinton.

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