Afternoon in Farnham

A very cold day in Farnham.

Someone I know on the bus. I said alight at the Sports Centre, Phyllis Tuckwell furniture warehouse has books.

He did, I showed him the way, and he was pleased.

I picked up a  couple of books, The Alchemist, a book on soups and Christmas cards.

Looked in Lidl. It was packed, anyone think Christmas had already arrived. Unlike the appalling service at Lidl Aldershot, all tills were manned.

Man serving me was very cheerful. I commented he was cheerful and all tills manned. He said oi not manned, manager would be onto him.

If nothing else, empathises something seriously wrong wth Lidl Aldershot.

In the bins, power banks £9-99, 3000 mAh, similar size and shape to a mobile phone.

Walk along the River Wey and up through Gostrey Meadow to Downing Street.

Very cold walking through Gostrey Meadow.

Soup in Krema. Moroccan chicken. Not up to their usual high standard.


flapjack and cappuccino in Barista Lounge

Cappuccino in Barista Lounge. Not good, barely drinkable. Not the worse, I have had there undrinkable.

I idd it the wrong way round, I should have had soup in Barista Lounge, coffee in Krema.  But last week told kitchen closed, which was ridiculous.

Barista Lounge need to get their act together. They have had teething problems since opening. They still have problems. If operating as coffee shop, then need skilled baristas, quality coffee beans. They have neither.

The girl serving the coffee claims to have come from an  indie coffee shop in Yorkshire. Whilst this may be true she is no barista. Basic mistakes like making coffee too hot, hence bitter.

I left a copy of The Alchemist as an early Christmas present.

Now getting dark, temperature has plummeted.

Looked in Farnham Wholefoods. As always empty. But no surprise. Nothing worth buying. Unless they sort their act together they will go under. A good wholefood shop would be an asset. I suggested they visit Infinity Foods and Grocer and Grain in Brighton, especially Grocer and Grain.

Something very wrong with Waitrose Farnham. Their stock control always poor, can never find what I want. But nothing like today. The shelves were stripped bare. It was as though a National Emergency and panic buying had stripped the store. They had nothing I wanted. A completely wasted trip.

I was told problems with deliver on Thursday. But today Saturday.

If nothing else, the should have discounted everyone’s purchases to say sorry.

had the roads not been closing I may have walked to Sainsbury’s. But I was told Sainsbury’s the same, shelves stripped bare.

Maybe seeing shelves stripped bare in Waitrose, and not knowing why, maybe it triggered panic and people went on to strip Sainsbury’s.

Would I make the bus?

Bus at 1748. All the roads were closing at six for a torch lit procession.

A No 46 bus at the bus stop. Was it going to Aldershot? No. I learnt it no longer goes to Aldershot.

Stagecoach bus service is getting ridiculous.

No 71, Guildford to Godalming. Then through the villages, to Hlseenmere, then changes to No 19 and on to Farnham and Aldershot.

A few weeks ago, I learnt No 19 no longer goes to Haslemere.

No 46, Guildford to Godalming, then Farnham and Aldershot. Now no longer goes to Aldershot.

What is the point of terminating at Farnham? Aldershot is a major bus-train interchange, as is Haslemere.

It goes without saying, no public consultation.

The intention seems to be, make bus routes unusable, then terminate the service as little used.

A lady wished to get to Guldford. She wanted No 65. It was not due until 1815. I told her it would not arrive, as all roads would be closed.

She asked the driver of No 46. He did not know the roads were closed. He rang his depot. They did not know roads were closed.

I said catch No 46. No 65 will not arrive. Then when No 19 came in, I said catch No 19, change at Aldershot for Guildford.

This she did. It would have been good advice if she had not had to wait half an hour for a bus at at Aldershot.

Luckily the No 19 turned up. I did wonder would it turn up with roads closed.


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