Appalling piss-poor service in M&S

The service in M&S Guildford in their food hall is a disgrace.

Customers pay premier prices and receive piss-poor service.

With Waitrose opening, one would have expected the service to improve, but if anything it has got worse.

Queues at both tills, the only two tills open, trolleys piled up.

I tried the information counter. They refused to serve.

I asked that more tills be opened. They refused. They told me to go to the self service.

The lady there was helpful, operated the self-service. She had problems. It kept going wrong, and she had to keep resetting the machine and scanning everything again. She apologised for being slow. Not her fault, the fault lies with M&S useless management.

Where the bread is baked, overwhelming stench of disinfectant. If someone had thrown up on the floor, this would have been understandable. but no, they were cleaning the ovens. Could they not have waited until the store was closed? And it also raises questions of chemical contamination of their foodstuffs.

Is it any wonder M&S is a failing retail chain when they have this level of contempt for their customers?



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